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Today’s hackers are smart, so you have to be smarter – and so does your security. At Mi3 Security, our intelligence-driven, app analysis engine leverages globally-sourced app data to give you the precise, actionable information you need to identify the vulnerable Android and iOS apps in your enterprise – before you suffer a breach. Mi3 Security’s deep, app intelligence gives IT the critical, objective data it needs to set targeted policies that strengthen all areas of enterprise security, protect BYOD, and save time and money.

Mi3 Security’s cloud-based service is built on three forms of globally sourced, multi-variant, app intelligence: Machine, Meta, and Mobile. By applying a powerful, parallel analysis engine to this vast pool of app data, Mi3 can deliver deep, predictive analyses of Android and iOS apps in just minutes.

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 “Mi3 Security has a unique cloud-based engine for fast and simple mobile app risk analysis that serves as a powerful magnifying glass detecting bad actors in the new mal-app landscape.”

Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, Executive Vice President, Usher


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