Weaveworks debuts Weave Net 1.5 as a Container Networking Interface plug-in for Kubernetes 1.2

Weaveworks, provider of Weave networking and monitoring for Docker, announced on Wednesday availability of Weave Net 1.5, a plug-in for the recently launched Kubernetes 1.2 Container Networking Interface (CNI). With this new capability, Weaveworks is extending the addressable market of Kubernetes to financial services applications that depend on multicast networking.

Weave Net implements a “micro SDN”, providing containerized applications a simple network with full service discovery, requiring zero configuration or coding and with no external dependencies. Its unique Internet-style approach of a network of cooperating, independent Weave routers avoids any centralized dependency on databases or cluster stores, and makes it the best solution for production container networks where outages and network partitions are a fact of life.

Weave Net 1.5, available as a CNI plug-in for Kubernetes 1.2 so that users can now gain access to Weave Net as a native networking plug-in, providing simpler management capabilities. Developed independent of a central database, Weave Net 1.5 is easy to set up, maintain and operate.

Weave Net 1.5 provides a “Micro SDN” for Kubernetes clusters, therefore applications are 100 percent portable across development, test and production environments running on laptops, data-centers and public clouds. Weave Net 1.5 creates a simple flat virtual container network with no centralized database, therefore it can be used to build hybrid cloud container deployments where applications span private datacenters and public clouds.

Weave Net’s container SDN emulates a full layer 2 network, including multicast. This is important for many financial services applications and middleware that distribute market data and other feeds using multicast. A good example of Weave Net usage for this is the International Securities Exchange (ISE) “Anywhere Exchange” that multicasts market data over a Weave network to active instances of the exchange.

“Weaveworks has been at the forefront of container networking, developing technology that makes Docker container networking simple and easy to deploy,” said Mathew Lodge, COO of Weaveworks. “With this latest release, we’re now providing Kubernetes users in industries that make use of multicast networking the option for containerized applications.”

“Kubernetes has a goal of making distributed systems simple and accessible for all, even in complicated networking environments such as financial services,” said David Aronchick, senior product manager, Kubernetes project. “We’re delighted to see Weaveworks contribute and commit support with Weave Net 1.5 and its CNI plug-in in the Kubernetes core code base. With Weave Net’s unique networking capabilities, they will help even the largest customers adopt containers and run at the highest scale.”

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