Promise Technology launches VSkyCube hyper-converged infrastructure offering

Promise Technology released its new range of hyper-converged systems for flexible, streamlined data center and IT operations: VSkyCube to allow for high scaling and performance without the aggravation of individual design considerations for siloed IT resources.

The VSkyCube uses a software-defined approach, combining software-defined compute, storage, and networking in the form of hyperconverged nodes. Together with a centralized single pane of glass management system, VSkyView, these technologies deliver a pre-integrated and adaptable cluster with a unified pool of resources that can be deployed, adapted, scaled and managed.

The VSkyCube is the hyperconverged infrastructure operating software that provides an economical infrastructure to run virtual machine-based applications; scales out as demand for either or both compute and storage capacity surge; and manages growth while allowing IT to run smoothly.

Emerging in recent years as an extension of integrated infrastructure systems, as well as a unit of scaling for hyperscale data centers, hyper-converged infrastructures offer advantages in scalability, performance, management and virtual machine density over converged architectures — which often have multiple components of disparate equipment in the same rack.

Designed for small and medium enterprises, VSkyCube is ideal for businesses looking to increase scalability, agility and improve administration efficiency while managing costs. VSkyCube encompasses compute, networking and storage virtualization technologies as a cost-effective means to implement the IT-in-a-box and Cloud-in-a-box concepts of system administration.

VSkyCube is designed with a scale-out approach and offers a distributed storage system with advanced compute, storage and networking features that allow for a lower up-front investment and reduced total cost of ownership. The platform includes a centralized single pane of glass management system and is designed to deliver a pre-integrated and adaptable cluster with a unified pool of scalable resources that can be rapidly deployed, adapted and managed. It was designed as an application-driven architecture running on commodity hardware that offers cost-effectiveness without sacrificing performance.

“As more and more vendors are jumping on the hyper-converged bandwagon, it is encouraging to see Promise address the small and medium-sized environments and storage-centric workloads,” said Jim Miller, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. “The small and medium sized sites have historically been unable to leverage the larger converged infrastructure solutions – until now.”

VSkyCube will initially be available on a range of purpose-optimized x86 appliances, based on commodity hardware. This allows users to selectively scale for compute-intensive or storage-intensive resources as well as mixed workloads.

“VSkyCube is meant to keep pace with business cycles that need systems to support fast, responsive development processes,” noted Ken Dai, general manager of Promise’s cloud solutions business unit. “Our VSky hyper-converged systems are designed to help businesses rapidly deploy IT workloads and scale IT infrastructures as business grows.”


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