Juniper Networks’ cSRX virtual firewall includes security, policy management capabilities for service providers, enterprises

Juniper Networks enhanced its cloud and virtualized service offerings as part of its Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) framework. These enhancements include a new compact and containerized virtual firewall called Juniper Networks cSRX, a next-generation firewall providing advanced security services for Software Defined Networks, as well as a multi-core version of the Juniper Networks vSRX virtual firewall that is expected to be capable of reaching 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps).

cSRX provides advanced security services, including content security, AppSecure, and unified threat management in a container form-factor. With its small footprint and Docker as a container management system, cSRX enables agile, high-density security service deployment.

As the scale and sophistication of threats continue to increase, next-generation security must be built around automated and actionable intelligence that can be enforced to reduce risk and protect the network and its users. Juniper’s vision for SDSN looks to tackle this need with an open threat intelligence platform and enforcement through its line of physical and virtual firewalls, as well as network switches and routers. When combined with an open policy engine and global orchestration, users can set and enforce policy based on intent, either on premises or in the cloud.

Juniper Networks cSRX comes as a purpose-built virtual, small footprint appliance delivering high-density security services for virtualized environments and applications. Deployable in a Docker container, it supports highly agile deployments that demand security services with subsecond spinup times. It integrates UTM, IPS, and AppSecure 2.0 next-generation firewall (NGFW) services for a comprehensive threat-protection framework. It also automates the lifecycle, from provisioning through decommissioning, with Junos Virtual Director.

The new firewall ensures centralized and consistent security policy management across physical and virtual firewalls through Junos Space Security Director. It works with Security Director to provide a single pane of glass for managing firewall policies consistently across cSRX, vSRX, and SRX Series platforms, and supports SDN and NFV through integration with Contrail, OpenStack and third-party SDN solutions.

The Junos Space Security Director provides security policy management for the cSRX container firewall through an intuitive and centralized web-based interface that offers enforcement across emerging and traditional risk vectors. As an application on the Junos Space platform, Security Director provides extensive security scale, granular policy control, and policy breadth across the network. It also helps administrators manage all phases of the security policy life cycle.

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