Pivotal, VMware align to boost deployment of cloud-native applications with advanced enterprise offering

Pivotal and VMware launched Tuesday an enterprise cloud-native stack featuring Pivotal Cloud Foundry and VMware Photon Platform, combining Pivotal’s continuous cloud platform and VMware’s cloud-native infrastructure into a single solution to speed application creation and deployment with built-in application and infrastructure management.

The two companies originally previewed their joint solution at VMworld 2015 U.S.

The Pivotal-VMware cloud-native stack benefits enterprises seeking to deploy cloud-native applications as the VMware Photon Platform is paired with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, to deliver startup speed with enterprise reliability. It delivers software customers required to deploy and manage an enterprise-grade, cloud-ready solution, through a single purchase and support experience.

The joint solution is built for speed, scale and programmability, making it usable by developers, operations, and everyone in-between. It is accessible and controllable via APIs, CLI for developers and a GUI (graphical user interface) for operations teams.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry delivers platform capabilities that enhance developer productivity, enable operational excellence and provide enterprise grade security, scalability, high availability and operational control, so customers can accelerate their time to market for software solutions. Based on open-source technology, Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables customers to innovate faster, and respond to market opportunities with start-up speed and enterprise reliability.

VMware Photon Platform is a new cloud-native infrastructure solution optimized for containers and modern applications. It is purpose-built for use in API-driven, multi-tenant and high-scale environments. The platform consists of VMware Photon Controller, an open sourced distributed control plane, Photon OS, a minimal Linux container host, and VMware ESXi. Over time, the platform will include a new compute host, VMware Photon Machine.

VMware Photon Platform is made up of two main components – Photon Controller, a multi-tenant, API-driven control plan optimized for scale, churn and high-availability that manages access control between containers through project Lightwave, and Photon Machine that includes a new ESX Microvisor based on the proven core of VMware ESXi. With Photon Machine, users can deploy Docker containers on a VMware hypervisor that includes built-in, mature, and enterprise-ready capabilities.

With the VMware Photon Platform that delivers automation of infrastructure consumption and operations using simple RESTful APIs, SDKs and CLI tooling, all fully multi-tenant. The scale-out Control Plane optimized for massive scale and speed, allowing the creation of 1000s of new VM-isolated workloads per minute, and supporting 100,000s of total simultaneous workloads, Docker Swarm, and Pivotal CF.

The installer and management user interface makes the process of deploying and managing Photon Controller on ESXi hosts in large-scale, production-like environment easy. Upgrade to subsequent releases with minimal downtime (as short as several minutes) and can be performed in a handful of CLI commands or API calls. The Graphite / Grafana gathers statistics from management plane and cloud hosts to give the visibility needed to feel confident running a large cloud.

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides cloud-native app development that delivers cloud-native apps that are much more than just containers. There are many problems to solve when operating cloud-native apps in production, such as enabling registration and discovery of application services, network request routing / load balancing, health and availability, monitoring and logging, identity and authentication, and much more.  PCF allows application teams to rapidly build, deploy, and operate cloud-native applications within the framework.

The infrastructure must provide compute, storage, and network capabilities at a minimum.  But enterprises require much more: security, multi-tenancy, resource management and scheduling.  In addition, for cloud-native environments, businesses are looking for a high-scale, API-driven, OSS solution that delivers with Photon Platform.  It’s a robust infrastructuresolution optimized for cloud-native applications.

By offering a single solution that is built to work together, tested and backed with unified support, VMware will accelerate initial deployment and post-installation efforts. Users can expect speedy application deployments and streamlined operations with built-in application and infrastructure management, which has been built for speed, scale and programmability, that is usable by both developers and operations teams.

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