New dinCloud remote desktop services offers rapid virtualization as a turnkey service

Cloud services vendor dinCloud announced Tuesday dinRDS (remote desktop services), powered by its secure virtual private data center infrastructure. Part of its line of hosted workspace products, dinRDS allows organizations to roll out applications and desktop workspaces rapidly and at scale.

Compatible with Microsoft, Windows,Google Chrome, HTML, Android, Mac and Linux operating systems, dinRDS features multiple deployment options (persistent or non-persistent); enhanced protocol and multimedia support; full USB and network printing and scanning; flexibility – scale resources up or down based on company needs; and security equipped with a dedicated firewall and SSL encryption.

dinRDS allows users to access session-based desktops from the cloud. The terminal sessions run on private corporate network and stream over a secure Internet connection, allowing deployment of multi-purpose desktops for a pool of users without dedicating a virtual desktop to each person.


The service can be particularly useful for users who are looking to access session-based desktops, but don’t necessarily require dedicated resources such as CPU or RAM. It can help simplify a corporate environment by removing the need for access to a corporate environment via VPN or a corporate device.

Remote Desktop Services from dinCloud come equipped with a dedicated firewall and SSL encryption. Additionally, all dinCloud services are hosted via SSAE 16 SOC 1 or 2 data centers, adhering to the most stringent security standards. Sophisticated access control is based on identity, device, location and connection.

With Remote Desktop Services, the user experience is seamless within the RDS platform, similar to that of a traditional desktop, and features an enhanced protocol and multimedia support. dinRDS also supports full USB and network printing and scanning.

Last month, dinCloud enhanced its IT as a Service cloud orchestration platform, dinManage. Through this console, dinCloud customers can manage network and security parameters as needed across dinCloud’s suite of enterprise offerings including hosted workspaces and hosted virtual servers.

dinManage enables dinCloud customers to configure virtual private data centers securely in the cloud, giving them complete control of their own environment including desktops, servers, and network security resources.


It features security and tracking with new audit trail that logs a user’s entire virtual private data center.  Instead of just monitoring and managing uptime, users can get a detailed view of who is logging in and out of their data center and run reports. It offers Identity and Access Management (IAM) with cloud analytics, so that users can create data utilization reports showing how much CPU and memory are being utilized on a virtual machine. If IT realizes too many resources are being dedicated to a single department, they can easily shift the surplus to another department.

Using self-service features, clients can modify or provision new cloud resources at any time, create virtual machine templates or make changes/updates when needed, and view, add, edit or delete domain names and DNS IP within the DHCP server.

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