Rubrik introduces r528, its security enhanced converged data management appliance

Rubrik unveiled this week its r528, a security enhanced converged data management appliance to give users the ability to deliver complete data protection, encryption at rest and in-flight, and data services at a global scale.

Rubrik’s r528 appliance provides comprehensive encryption and security with the delivery of FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified hardware. With self-encrypting HDDs and SSDs, flexible key management options, and physical tamper evidence, the r528 provides the highest level of FIPS certification in the backup and recovery industry.

The r528 is a 2U appliance with two x86 nodes that protects up to 300+ TB of source data and comes pre-configured with Rubrik Converged Data Management. Customers continue to have all the benefits of the Rubrik platform, including unlimited replication, policy-driven management engine,recovery with near-zero RTO and elastic RPO, and action-oriented reporting.


The Rubrik Converged Data Management platform includes software convergence to distill physically disparate components that comprise multi-tiered, legacy backup and recovery architecture into one single software. With its simplicity capability, the user interface can display only information that requires user attention, reducing cognitive overload., while adopting the same web-scale technologies used by Google, Facebook and Amazon, allowing users to handle rapidly increasing volumes of information by adding more appliances to the cluster. Users avoid painful forklift upgrades and continue to manage Rubrik as a single system vs. multiple resource islands.

It also adds to efficiency into software to help users manage data without incurring unnecessary costs like zero-byte cloning to save on storage capacity, sending only deduplicated data to the public cloud to reduce data transfer and storage, and labor like file search across a global index that spans private and public clouds.

Built around the Rubrik cloud-scale file system to store and manage versioned data, while being fault tolerant and resilient to multiple node and disk failures. The company employs a replication scheme to

distribute multiple copies of data throughout the cluster. The flash – optimized system has been built for a hybrid flash/disk architecture to maximize I/O throughput. The storage efficient system utilizes zero-copy clones to make multiple copies of data from one “golden image.”

The Rubrik Distributed Metadata System operates alongside the Cloud-Scale File System, providing an index that can be accessed at high speeds. It delivers continuous availability, linear scalability, and operational simplicity with no single point of failure in the cluster. The system is built to handle large amounts of data, distribute replicas of data across nodes (access to metadata is maintained even in the case of node failure), and provide low latency operations.

The Rubrik Cluster Management manages the Rubrik system setup and ongoing system health. It uses zero-configuration multicast DNS protocol to automate appliance discovery. The cluster expands with minimal manual intervention with new nodes auto-discovering each other. Post system setup, it maintains the status of each node by performing health checks on individual nodes.

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