Virtual Instruments introduces WorkloadCentral, its cloud-based workload analysis tool

Virtual Instruments launched beta version of WorkloadCentral, a free storage workload analysis service and community designed to help IT teams better understand how their application workloads interact with the underlying storage infrastructure. With WorkloadCentral, users get critical insight into application workload performance profiles to help storage professionals understand, benchmark and analyze their existing storage infrastructure to ensure performance and make better deployment decisions.

WorkloadCentral is a free cloud-based community that offers access to an extensive library of cross-industry workloads and models for both IT end users and storage vendors. The service provides baseline models for sizing new storage deployments and what-if analysis based on production workload data. IT architects and engineers benefit by making better product and technology evaluations, optimizing configurations, validating changes and accelerating problem resolution.

“WorkloadCentral gives IT architects access to the blueprints, tools and analytics needed to become true workload experts,” said Tim Van Ash, senior vice president of products at Virtual Instruments. “As the community grows, vendors, customers and channel partners alike can understand workloads at a deeper level and make data-driven decisions that will align storage deployments to workload performance requirements.”

Last week, Virtual Instruments entered into a definite agreement with Load DynamiX, provider of storage performance analytics, under which the two companies will merge to create an end-to-end infrastructure DevOps platform. Together, Virtual Instruments and Load DynamiX will help customers proactively address the IT imperative to achieve lower cost structures and higher levels of performance within increasingly complex and disparate IT environments.

Customers have sought more integration between the two companies’ products, and the merger responds to that demand. Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom platform analyzes the performance of the production infrastructure for IT operations, while Load DynamiX delivers the storage workload acquisition, analysis and modeling capabilities IT engineering and architecture teams need. Together, the technologies offer the best infrastructure instrumentation and performance analytics in the data center.

Registered WorkloadCentral users can import workload metadata from their storage arrays, instantly begin analyzing production workload data, and build and share workload models across a global community within the Workload Library. These models can then be used, with Load DynamiX Enterprise, to simulate how production application workloads will perform across storage protocols, technologies, vendors and configurations. As its metadata, no actual customer data is ever shared.

In addition, users can browse documentation, educational materials and videos in WorkloadCentral to better understand how to utilize workload analysis and modeling.

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