BMC’s MainView for Java framework discovers, manages Java for z/OS performance to unlock potential on mainframes

BMC announced this week MainView for Java environments, its integrated systems management solution that offers complete insight into how Java is consuming resources and affecting application performance on the modern mainframe.

In the race to thrive as a digital business and to gain a competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly looking to Java for z/OS to develop applications. With the demand for instant service, always-available, high-performing applications, it is not surprising that 93 percent of mainframe organizations in a BMC survey said Java usage is growing or steady, and Java is the language of choice for writing new or rewriting existing mainframe applications.

However, Java workloads can affect performance and availability on the mainframe, as they consume system resources without regard for the needs of other applications or services. An integrated management approach allows IT Operations a holistic view of the environment to discover Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and to manage the effect of their resource consumption on application performance.

The integrated solution increases application performance and availability with real-time visibility into Java resource utilization across your entire mainframe; lowers mean time to repair (MTTR) by detecting problems before they impact customers; views and manages JVMs and entire mainframe environment from one graphic console, while reducing MLC by monitoring the offloading of Java to zIIPs and improving IT productivity by identifying performance problems caused by Java.

Using BMC’s MainView for Java Environments solution, Java can be deployed and managed with confidence, helping to unlock Java’s potential on the mainframe. BMC’s MainView for Java Environments is an integrated performance management solution that discovers and monitors JVMs. It provides a single graphical console to understand the Java applications impact on resources and its effect on the performance of other applications and transactions.

“The digital economy is breathing new life into the mainframe platform with 80 percent of the world’s corporate data residing on mainframes and 91 percent of all new client-facing applications accessing a mainframe,” said Bill Miller, president of ZSolutions Optimization at BMC. “MainView for Java Environments is a testament to BMC’s investment in transforming the mainframe for digital business – enabling enterprises to manage the bigger, faster demands hitting the mainframe today – and preparing them for the unknown demands of tomorrow.”

To aid in the identification of JVMs in the mainframe environment, BMC is providing a limited time trial of BMC’s MainView for Java Environments solution to existing MainView customers. The trial will allow enterprises to highlight the scope and magnitude of JVM instances and their significant impact on the performance and availability of other applications.

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