Opticonx debuts Xtreme8, its base 8 cabling system for 40/100G networks

Opticonx Inc., a manufacturer of Layer 1 fiber optic connectivity components and systems, launched Monday Xtreme8, its latest data center fiber cabling solution, which is a base 8 plug and play system designed around 8 fiber MTP/MPO terminated trunks, cassette modules, harnesses, patch cables and patch panels. Xtreme8 cassette modules are engineered specifically for 8 fiber systems and present an even smaller footprint than base 12 systems, and provide a simpler, more effective migration for 10/40/100G fiber networks.

The Xtreme8 modules are the interface between 8 fiber MTP trunks and duplex LC patch cables. Its high density offers up to 144 fibers in a 1U patch panel; shuttered LC adapters comes with safer operation that eliminates need for dust caps. Its low insertion loss provides better link loss performance for longer distances and more interconnect points with its bend insensitive fibers; while its higher performance fiber comes standard for all cassette modules.


Xtreme8 Trunks are factory terminated with 8 fiber MTP connectors for interconnecting with Xtreme8 LC to MTP modules and harnesses. Its bend insensitive fibers come standard for OM3/OM4 fibers, optional for OS2, with low insertion loss that helps link loss performance for longer distances and more interconnect points.

Xtreme8 rack mount patch panels house up to 18 Xtreme8 cassette modules for a total of 72 duplex ports in a 1 RU space. Xtreme8 panels come in two designs, a slide out tray version and static panel version. Xtreme8 1U Slide Out Panel completely houses the incoming trunk cable, modules, and outgoing patch cords. The slide out shelf provides for complete access to both front and rear compartments from the front of the rack or cabinet.

The static version Extreme8 1U panel is completely open for easy front and rear access. It is ideally suited for top of rack (TOR) applications. It can house up to 18 Xtreme8 modules for up to 72 ports. It can be ordered stand alone or with optional rear trunk cable manager.

Xtreme8 Uniboot Polarity Switchable Patch Cords feature high density, small form factor LC connectors mated to 2.0 mm round 2-fiber cable. They are used to connect switches or network devices in fiber networks directly or interconnect structured cabling systems in a fiber network. Polarity changes can be made in the field quickly, without the use of tools, to the correct fiber mapping polarity.

Xtreme8 MTP jumpers are used to cross connect MTP trunks to active electronics, other MTP trunks, or extend MTP trunks. They feature 8 fiber, 3.0mm round plenum rated cable with internal aramid yarn strength members. Cables can be ordered pinned, non-pinned, or a combination of each. They are available in Low-Loss (LL) and Xtreme Low-Loss (XL) performances. Bend Insensitive fibers are standard in all Xtreme8 MTP jumpers.

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