IBM advances Watson Services by offering on Twilio Marketplace

IBM Corp. announced Tuesday that it was joining with Twilio, a cloud communications platform for developers, to introduce two new offerings, IBM Watson Message Sentiment and IBM Watson Message Insights, which will be available as add-ons in Twilio’s recently announced Marketplace.

Pre-integrated with Twilio’s APIs, the new Watson offerings are now readily accessible as “Add-ons” to the more than one million registered developers in Twilio’s community, in addition to the developers who currently access Watson technology via Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud platform.

Add-ons are pre-integrated technologies available through the Twilio Marketplace that allow developers to do more with the Twilio API, and are designed to make it easier for developers to integrate with other platforms and technologies. The new offerings complement the more than thirty Watson services currently available from IBM. Future plans include extending these offerings on third party platforms, like the Twilio marketplace, bringing cognitive to where developers work.

The new Watson Add-ons offer additional message enhancement capabilities through natural language processing to help understand sentiment, keywords, entities and high-level concepts from text messages. The insights gleaned from this unstructured data will give businesses actionable insights.

With the Add-ons, users get access to IBM Watson Message Sentiment service that uses sentiment analysis, which allows users to retrieve sentiment from SMS in a scalable manner. For example, a customer service manager would be able to analyze customer SMS messages to determine whether they are positive, negative, and neutral, to help to assess a customer’s satisfaction with a brand, service or product. It also offers IBM Watson Message Insights that adopts a combination of sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, entity extraction and concept tagging, this capability allows developers to distill key meanings from SMS. For example, a developer would be able to extract trending topics and match specific products or services to certain sentiments.

“We are committed to equipping all developers, everywhere, with self-service AI and IBM’s cognitive capabilities, backed by the best science, ease-of-use and scalability. We are motivated by what developers are creating with Watson technology, and are constantly seeking new ways to help them build and innovate,” said David Kenny, general manager, IBM Watson. “By joining the Twilio Marketplace, we have opened another avenue for many more developers to harness the power of Watson.”

“Add-ons make it possible for developers to do more with their Twilio applications using less code,” said Patrick Malatack, VP of Product at Twilio. “The IBM Watson Add-ons apply Watson’s sentiment analysis capabilities to customers’ text messages at scale, better equipping businesses with insights into how their customers feel. We’re pleased that customers can now add the functionality of IBM Watson in a single click.”

These new services help boost the developer community to build cognitive-enabled apps and businesses with Watson. They build upon IBM’s open Watson platform that offers cognitive APIs in the areas of language, speech and vision available through BlueMix, IBM’s Cloud platform.

To advance Watson, IBM has three dedicated business units: Watson, established for the development of cloud-delivered cognitive computing technologies that represent the commercialization of artificial intelligence (AI) across a variety of industries; Watson Health, dedicated to improving the ability of doctors, researchers and insurers and other related health organizations to surface new insights from data to deliver personalized healthcare; and Watson IoT, focused on making sense of data embedded in more than 9 billion connected devices operating, which generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data daily.

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