Parade Technologies targets server, enterprise applications with new 16-channel 8Gb/s PCIe 3.0 redriver

Parade Technologies launched this week a new high-speed data signal repeater targeting enterprise systems. The PS8566 is a PCIe (PCI Express) redriver chip that integrates 16 independent redriver channels. Rates up to 8Gb/sec are supported, making it compatible with the PCIe 3.0 standard.

Currently sampling, the PS8566 removes signal distortion that results when sending high speed data over an electrical interface. By incorporating the PS8566 into the PCIe signal path, either on the system PCB or within the interconnect cable, the PCB path or interconnect cable can be made longer, enabling system flexibility and scalability.

To maximize data transfer integrity and reliability, each PCIe channel in the PS8566 has configurable equalization and de-emphasis. The support of a 16-channel bus width makes it ideal for workstations and data center applications including storage and servers.


The PS8566 is a unidirectional, 16-channel signal redriver that supports PCIe (PCI Express) Gen 3, with data rates up to 8.0 GT/s.  It is ideal for applications incorporating high lane count PCIe bus widths such as workstations and enterprise data center systems including storage and servers. The PS8566 consumes low power that contributes towards lower overall system power and heat dissipation as well as device placement flexibility.

The PS8566 removes unwanted and potentially error-inducing signal distortion that occurs in the physical transmission interface including PCIe interconnect cables, PCB traces, and connectors.

The PS8566 enhances data transmission reliability and enables longer PCIe interconnect cables and/or PCB traces, enabling system scalability.  In a typical application the PS8566 is used in pairs, with one PS8566 used for the downstream PCIe channels, and another PS8566 used for the upstream PCIe channels.

A new feature of the PS8566 for enterprise installations is the low power consumption and low heat generation. Leveraging years of experience developing redrivers for low-power, battery-operated applications, Parade designed the PS8566 to consume less than 40mW per channel, the lowest in its class. To further reduce power and heat, the PS8566 implements a configurable automatic power saving feature; when enabled, a channel not receiving data is put into low power mode.

“We are the top supplier of high-speed redriver chips in the PC, notebook and tablet markets,” said Jimmy Chiu, executive vice president of marketing. “Our traditional customers are growing their business by developing enterprise products such as data center and storage servers, and they need our same signal integrity expertise in this area. The PS8566 represents one of our first devices tailored specifically for this market.”

The PS8566 is guaranteed to operate over the full -40 to +85 degree C industrial temperature range, and is available in a 13x6mm QFN halogen free RoHS package.

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