Five Things Partners Can Expect to Learn at Microsoft WPC 2016

by Raghu Kamath

Excitement is building around Microsoft WPC 2016. The event, scheduled July 10 to July 14 in Toronto, is a tremendous opportunity for partners from around the world to network and learn from each other. With over 15,000 partners in attendance, this event can equip companies with the knowledge, resources and network to increase their profitability and accelerate business growth. If you’re keen on strengthening your Microsoft partnership and learning more about growing your business, then WPC is an event you’ll need to attend.

Let’s look at some significant topics to watch out for during the event:

  1. Microsoft EMS and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program: Partners have a huge opportunity to begin creating their enterprise mobility practice to take advantage of the incredibly massive Office 365 install base. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) offers a distinctive entry to a world of managed services to position yourself as the trusted managed service provider for your customers. The new age of cloud and mobility requires flexible strategy, adaptive products and services and the ability to build and nurture collaborative partnerships to handle the needs of the market. The CSP program enables partners to be at the center of the customer relationship with Microsoft cloud services.
  1. Microsoft Azure: Are you looking to be a cloud MSP? Partners can transform and build strong recurring revenue streams with differentiated solutions for Azure managed services. WPC 2016 will have many sessions with real-world examples, use case scenarios and solution examples from across the world. Learn how to build new business lines with focus on higher gross margins. Hear about the latest business models, tools, processes and investments that are required to accomplish your goals.
  1. Security: With the advent of connected technologies, there is increasing risk as organizations are more exposed to security threats. The digital world demands new approaches to protect against, detect, and respond to these threats. The global cloud computing market is growing and it’s important to address these security requirements. WPC provides numerous sessions to understand how the Microsoft Partner ecosystem is best poised to deliver on these requirements, by leveraging the intelligent cloud.
  1. Skype for Business: There’s been tremendous market momentum for Skype for Business. Explore opportunities to help customers take advantage of continuous Skype for Business innovation and geographical expansion to increase your reach and revenue potential. The cloud communication landscape continues to be tough and competitive. WPC can help you learn how to effectively handle customer objections, and articulate how Skype for Business can solve customer challenges.
  2. Office 365: Office 365 Adoption is spurring organizations to think of anytime anywhere access from any device. Hundreds of millions of people spend hours each day using Office across PC applications, web browsers, and mobile devices. WPC will include many industry leaders and experts, who will share their knowledge to help you learn about how a balanced Office 365 practice can position you to capture more business from Microsoft by generating more upsell or cross-selling opportunities within your current customer portfolio.

In addition, there is a wide variety of session types and speakers at WPC, for partners to grow their businesses. These sessions are broadly classified under various themes:

  1. Profitability: The key metric for partner growth and longevity. Sessions under this theme will help you increase profitability by taking advantage of the Microsoft Partner Network.
  1. Transformation: Transformation and agility are important to be successful in the fast changing market. These sessions will deal with business opportunities and selecting the right path for continuous growth and improvement.
  1. Differentiation: In a crowded marketplace, it’s true that you either ‘Differentiate or Die’. Find your market niche, and learn how to differentiate your products and services to have a competitive edge.
  1. Collaboration: The power of collaboration is known to Microsoft partners. These sessions will provide insights on how partner-to-partner collaboration can help in creating comprehensive solutions and seamless customer experiences.
  1. Leadership: The latest in thought leadership will be on display at the WPC, and with these sessions you can learn strategies and best practices for leading a profitable business.

Raghu Kamath is vice president at NetEnrich.

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