Open Source Storage debuts compact Z1C platform to offer flexible storage and consultative services

Open Source Storage announced Wednesday its new, compact Z1C platform and open source storage solution designed to help customers launch or evolve any storage environment flexibly and cost effectively at an SMB price point.

Consisting of industry standard commodity x86 hardware integrated with an open-source software stack, the Z1C platform is a Unified Software Defined storage appliance featuring the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) that delivers scalability and reliability with enterprise-level support and professional services hosted by Open Source Storage.

The Z1C comes in two configurations: 11TB or 16TB usable in a high-performance RAID10 configuration with read and write cache. The Z1C is a 3U dual-node highly-available appliance with a shared backplane. The product is ideal for database or hypervisor storage as it provides sub-ms latency writes and around 10,000 4K IOPS in a mixed workload environment.

The Z1C is the “compact” version of the Z1. The Z1 is a more flexible and modular appliance that can handle petabytes of data, where the Z1C is an entry-level “cluster in a box” appliance. Both the Z1 and Z1C are storage solutions for tier 1 highly-available storage environments where data integrity is crucial.

The Z1C comes as a single 3U system that hosts two controller nodes with shared storage; highly-available storage for database and hypervisor hosts; offers ideal file system for data integrity (ZFS); includes hybrid storage such as HDD and SSD; provides low-latency write requests; and meets high IOPS demands for database and hypervisors.

Z1C is currently available from Open Source Storage with a list price of US$24,000, with price discounts applicable throughout this month.

The Z1C is scalable from terabytes to multiple petabytes and can be deployed with multiple levels of built-in redundancy. The solution delivers a multi-tiered environment under one pane of management, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and systems while still meeting all data requirements.

Open Source Storage offers a licensing model on a fixed perpetual cost, providing the ability to grow the solution based on business needs without paying for additional licensing. The Z1C platform sits on top of an open source framework, which grants customers the flexibility to evolve their storage systems, freeing them from proprietary vendors who may phase out as the market consolidates.

“We at Open Source Storage believe that customers should be free to choose what platforms they want to run their storage environment on,” said Patrick Willis, EVP of Partnerships at Open Source Storage. “Whether your storage needs are virtualization, database, archival, streaming media, organizational shared file access, disaster recovery, or high throughput and low latency volumes, the Z1C can do it all.”

“We offer the Z1C in two forms: 11TB usable or 16TB usable in a high-performance RAID10 configuration, which is perfect for hypervisors and databases. The Z1C provides around 10,000 4K IOPS with a mixed workload,” said John Sanderson VP Solutions Architect at Open Source Storage. “From a business perspective, our customers are saving time and money by only using 3U of space, less power consumption and seamless management.”

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