Datadog expands monitoring offering on Microsoft Azure Resource Manager, Azure SQL Database

Datadog, a monitoring service for dynamic cloud infrastructure, expanded on Monday its support for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Following the release of Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) – the latest way to deploy virtual machines on the platform – Datadog will now support Microsoft Azure SQL Database as well as cloud servers deployed through ARM. This will empower large enterprise companies running their infrastructure in the cloud to correlate metrics from these new services with application performance.

The new capabilities will be demonstrated at the ongoing 2016 Microsoft Worldwide in Toronto, Canada.

Datadog already boasts a number of Microsoft integrations, from monitoring the virtual machines deployed on Azure, to collecting metrics and events from native windows services such as Windows Management Instrumentation and Event Viewer.

Datadog is compatible with Microsoft hardware including classic virtual machines, VMs deployed through Azure Resource Manager, and SQL Database. It also supports Microsoft middleware including Windows, Internet Information Services, SQL server, Windows Event Viewer and Windows Management Instrumentation; along with application custom metrics in StatsD for C#.

“Datadog is a key monitoring tool for enterprise companies embracing the cloud,” said Eduardo Enciso, Global Business Strategist, Microsoft Corp. “Their new integrations with Microsoft Azure allow our mutual customers to use the capabilities in Microsoft Azure VM and Microsoft Azure SQL Database, with full visibility across multiple Azure services and applications.”

Datadog is available for one-click deployment through the Azure Marketplace and also from the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Last month, Datadog announced Automated Service Discovery, a feature that enables engineering teams to seamlessly monitor the health of their container environments. The company also released its highly anticipated Docker Adoption Research, following up on the report they released eight months ago to identify trends.

Docker containers launch in seconds and are built for applications that scale rapidly and release often. Employing scheduling platforms like Swarm, Kubernetes, and Amazon Web Services’ ECS often results in an acceleration of container deployment, creating environments with highly dynamic behavior that can make containers difficult to track and monitor.

Datadog’s Automated Service Discovery enables teams to seamlessly monitor Dockerized infrastructure without interruption as it expands, contracts, and shifts across hosts by continuously listening to Docker events. Whenever a container is created or started, the Datadog Agent identifies which service is running then starts collecting and reporting metrics. Whenever a container is stopped or destroyed, the Agent recognizes that as well.

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