QNAP delivers enterprise-class storage with new ES Series ZFS NAS offering

QNAP Inc. forged into the enterprise data center sphere with an IP-SAN hardware/software solution that will excel in supporting critical business applications. The QNAP ES Series hardware is architected around a 16-drive core NAS powered by Intel Xeon E5 processors and dual active controllers with redundant power supplies. Internal storage architecture is built upon 6Gb/s SAS and expandable with dual-path mini-SAS JBOD expansion units.

New QNAP Enterprise System (QES) operating system brings the self-healing power of the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) together with QNAP’s SnapShot and SnapSync applications along with OpenStack support.

At the heart of the ES series is the ES1640dc ZFS NAS unit. It is powered by an Intel Xeon E5 processor to deliver high performance coupled with dual-active controllers, redundant power supplies and a battery backup designed for maximum up-time in a 3U rack-mount form factor. The NAS has built-in 10GbE networking and is 40GbE-ready for maximum flexibility and if desired, less costly SATA drives can be used in place of SAS drives with optional SAS-to-SATA converter boards (LSISS9252).

The ES NAS also features with NVRAM modules, which include a 16GB NVRAM along with a backup battery unit to protect data. When data is written into NVRAM, there are dedicated backup battery units to protect writing to the cache, and at the same time the data is replicated to a backup controller, to achieve complete data integrity.

Up to 1024TB (calculation based on 8TB SAS drives) of pooled storage is possible by connecting to 7 x EJ1600 JBOD Expansion Chassis. Each chassis contains 16 drives and utilizes a dual-path mini-SAS architecture for high performance and high data integrity. This flexible expansion strategy allows storage to be added quickly on demand instead of paying up front for un-needed capacity.

The new QNAP ES series hardware runs on the new embedded QNAP QES operating system. QES leverages the extensive native functionality of the ZFS file system and the FreeBSD kernel to ensure persistent, reliable storage management, protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, and flexible storage pool management.

In addition, QES also provides a similar user experience as QNAP’s popular QTS OS. Integral to QES is data self-healing and RAID-Z for enterprise-grade redundancy, efficient data deduplication, and thin-provisioning.

QES includes critical storage management tools including QNAP’s new SnapShot (for local volume snapshots) and SnapSync (for remote volume snapshots). Both are block-level copy-on-write tools that records a file’s status and allows recovery if there is a problem.

The new ES Series models are now available and currently shipping in the US and Canada markets.

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