Rubrik teams up with Pure Storage for management simplicity, resiliency and performance

Converged data management vendor Rubrik advanced performance levels with a solution comprised of the Rubrik r300/r500 Series and the Pure Storage FlashArray//m family. Rubrik’s Converged Data Management software powers the company’s r300/r500 Series appliances, which deliver automated backup, instant recovery, unlimited replication, and data archival at infinite scale.

Customers using Rubrik and Pure Storage to protect and run their workloads, have achieved quicker time-to-value, from months to hours; reductions in time spent managing storage and backup, from hours to minutes; data center footprint efficiencies of 70 percent or more; reductions in application latencies, RPO and RTO; along with over 250 TB/hour throughput per Brik (based on logical capacity).

Users who have deployed the Rubrik and Pure Storage solution include ExponentHR, Castilleja School, Red Hawk Casino, Phreesia, and Wabash. Rubrik and Pure Storage intend to continue their technical collaboration and deepen product integration, to extend the capabilities and value of the joint solution.

Pure Storage FlashArray//m provides fast and reliable block storage for production data, as well as local snapshots. FlashRecover native snapshot and replication technology are used to protect data in a homogenous (Pure to Pure) model. As Pure and Rubrik both operate the VMware vCenter level, administrators may choose to create a heterogenous architecture, using FlashArray//m and Rubrik in a tiered model.

Adding Rubrik to the Pure environment requires minimal setup time and effort. Rubrik maps out entire virtualized infrastructure at high data ingest rates with a flash-first architecture. Using Rubrik lessens the impact to FlashArray//m and eliminates the VM application stun effect for highly transactional databases such as Microsoft SQL.

Daily management requires minimal time and effort with Rubrik’s policy-driven automation. By creating backup, replication, and archival policies in minutes by selecting snapshot frequency and retention, users can take it easy and browse reports once VMs are assigned to policies.

Any data like virtual machines and applications can be mounted directly onto Rubrik, without provisioning additional storage. Rubrik exposes itself as a scale-out NFS server to any host when a snapshot is mounted. Users can achieve near-zero recovery time objective (RTO), conduct instant recovery testing, and re-purpose backup data for other use cases, such as test/dev.

For long-term data retention, Rubrik offers a secure and intelligent on-ramp to low-cost private and public cloud such as Amazon Web Services. It can also deliver granular recovery at the snapshot- or file-level to save on download costs. Whether data is stored on-site, off-site, or in the public cloud, customers can find the desired file or application with Google-like predictive search functionality.

“Rubrik and Pure Storage share the vision of radically simplifying data center infrastructure, and the user experience around backup and storage,” said Bipul Sinha, CEO of Rubrik. “For our growing number of joint enterprise customers this solution underscores our position as the leader in simplicity, resiliency and performance for Tier 1 workloads.”

“For business critical workloads Pure Storage and Rubrik are a natural fit,” says Matt Kixmoeller, VP Products at Pure Storage. “Both the FlashArray//m and r300/r500 Series were designed to work out-of-the-box, while enabling predictable performance and eliminating management complexity. We deliver a compelling value proposition for accelerating and protecting mission critical applications.”

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