Mangstor launches NX-Series, its line of NVMeoF-compliant storage arrays

Mangstor Inc., developer of high performance next generation non-volatile memory storage solutions, announced this week that its line of NX-Series Storage Arrays are the first to comply with the newly released NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) specification developed by the NVM Express consortium.

Mangstor is a founding member of the consortium’s NVMeoF committee and was an active participant in the ratification of the new standard.

The NVMe over Fabrics specification was created to enable flash-based SSDs to communicate over RDMA fabrics like InfiniBand and Converged Ethernet, delivering the same high performance, low latency benefits as local attached NVMe.

The specification has broad reach and is expected to help drive All-Flash Array (AFA) revenue from $2.58 billion in 2015 to $5.65 billion in 2019 according to analyst firm, IDC, representing a 21.65 percent CAGR over this forecasted period.

The NX-Series NVMe over Fabric Flash storage arrays leverage NVMe over RDMA storage software stack combined with the MX-Series devices in off-the-shelf industry-standard server platforms.

Mangstor’s Titan storage software stack transforms industry-standard servers with MX6300 NVMe solid-state devices into all flash shared storage arrays. NVNe over Fabric Flash storage arrays offer the highest performance and allow the reliability and management benefits of the MX6300 devices to be shared across many servers connected over industry-standard 10-, 25-, 40-, 56-, and 100-Gbps RDMA networks including RoCE, iWARP and InfiniBand.

The NX-Series offers NVMe storage read and write access over RDMA networks that gives servers with data at nearly identical latencies as if they were accessing local PCIe SSDs; increasing application performance and providing over 3.0 M random 4K read and 2.25 M 4KB write IOPS. It also allows compute clusters to share low latency benefits of PCIe SSDs without having to put an SSD in every server dramatically reduces individual server costs and increases data center compute and storage rack densities.

The line also expands infrastructure one node at a time to reduce overprovisioning server Flash SSDs. It independently scales server and storage resources to match workload demands and improve efficiency, and scales from 10s to 100s of TB Flash deployments. It also provides native per-volume replication for high-performance back ups. Flexible 10, 40, 56 Gbps architecture supports site-to-site disaster recovery.

Mangstor NVMe over Fabric storage software integrates with OpenStack Cinder providing an intuitive management framework for managing and monitoring flexible pools of capacity eliminating the need to deploy different storage architectures for various workloads. It allows the definition and management of entire flash infrastructure from nearly any server and includes programmatic REST-based API for integration into third party cloud management systems.

“The newly released standard is helping to lead an industry transition to NVMeoF technology as a superior alternative to FC or iSCSI SAN All-Flash Array solutions, which use interfaces that were created for HDD-based systems,” said Paul Prince, Mangstor’s CTO. “Our NX6320 delivers Read and Write latencies of 110μs and 30μs, comparable to internal PCIe SSDs, and it delivers sustained performance of millions of IOPS with latencies under 200μs — an order of magnitude better than typical FC or iSCSI interfaces.”

NX-Series Storage Arrays are available through Mangstor’s global sales channel of distributors, resellers, system integrators and manufacturing representatives.

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