Panasas launches ActiveStor 20 scale-out NAS that delivers 65 percent increase in flash capacity, scalability to over 45PB

Panasas launched Monday ActiveStor 20, its hybrid scale-out NAS appliance, featuring a 65 percent increase in flash and a 25 percent increase in hard drive capacity. High-density flash drives and 10 terabyte (TB) HGST Ultrastar He10 helium-based hard drives deliver superior unstructured sequential file and mixed-workload performance with rapid access to large and small files alike.

Scalability increases to more than 45 petabytes (PB) in a single namespace and performance ramps up to 360 gigabytes per second (GB/s) and 2.6M IOPS.

ActiveStor 20 eliminates the scalability and performance bottlenecks associated with legacy NAS architectures. It enables users to start small and scale-out the number of ActiveStor appliances to non-disruptively increase the capacity and performance of the global file system as storage requirements grow. Parallel data access and automated load balancing ensure that performance is optimized and hot-spots are eliminated.

ActiveStor 20 is available for ordering now while production systems will ship next month.

At the core of ActiveStor is PanFS with an erasure code based per-file distributed RAID architecture, implemented with data protection in software instead of traditional hardware RAID controllers. Data is safeguarded by RAID 6+ with triple parity protection for enterprise-class reliability and availability that does not compromise performance.

By optimizing data placement, reliability on ActiveStor actually increases with scale, rather than decreasing as would be expected with traditional storage systems.

With flash technology optimized for small file and metadata performance, ActiveStor provides significantly improved file system responsiveness while accelerating time-to-results. Based on a fifth-generation storage blade architecture and the proven Panasas PanFS storage operating system, ActiveStor performance scale-out NAS offers low total cost of ownership experience for the life sciences, manufacturing, media, government, energy, and university research markets.

The ActiveStor 20 appliance integrates into growing heterogeneous IT environments through multiprotocol support for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows clients while also introducing high performance DirectFlow protocol support for Linux and Mac, which is easy to deploy and monitor.

The ActiveStor 20 provides high performance at an attractive price, storing large files on high capacity SATA drives while leveraging flash technology to accelerate small file and metadata performance for optimized random workload response times. This fifth-generation ActiveStor platform combines high density with exceptional mixed workload performance (GB/s and IOPS), while delivering ideal price/performance for unstructured sequential throughput workloads.

With increased storage utilization rates, and simplified management, ActiveStor 20 delivers a compelling, low total cost of ownership while exceeding performance needs of demanding industry and research organizations.

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