QTS, Canonical introduce private, fully managed OpenStack cloud, built on Ubuntu

QTS Realty Trust and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu announced Monday its private, fully managed OpenStack cloud solution available from any of QTS’ geographically diverse and highly secure data centers in mid-September. The solution attempts to meet increasing demand for flexible, open source and cost-predictable cloud solutions.

The OpenStack solution is an important addition to QTS’ expanding portfolio of scalable, secure and compliant IaaS solutions and complements other QTS’ purpose-built clouds serving public sector, healthcare and enterprise workloads.

QTS owns, operates or manages over five million square feet of data center space and supports more than 1,000 customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, QTS’ Critical Facilities Management (CFM) provides increased efficiency and greater performance for third-party data center owners and operators.

Built on Ubuntu OpenStack and using Canonical’s application modeling service Juju as well as Canonical’s Bare Metal as a Service (MaaS), QTS’ private, fully managed OpenStack cloud enables enterprise customers to perform quick and easy provisioning, orchestration, and management of cloud resources. In addition to the private cloud offering, QTS will offer a public, multi-tenant pay-as-you-go OpenStack cloud solution that is self-provisioning, elastic and highly scalable.

It can help in various situations including building software-as-a-service applications, either as new developments or as improvements upon existing solutions; serving as a base for delivering self-service storage and service on demand to users who need IT services; delivering object storage or block storage on demand; and saving on licensing fees associated with virtualization technologies.

“As a leading data center and IT infrastructure services provider, QTS is focused on delivering seamless hybrid cloud hosting solutions using proven, best-in-breed platform technologies,” said Anand Krishnan, Executive Vice President, Canonical Cloud. “We are pleased to support QTS’ delivery of OpenStack solutions that combine the rapid availability and elasticity of compute resources with the security and control their enterprise customers demand to support their mission critical applications and workloads.”

“QTS OpenStack Cloud is the latest addition as we expand our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings to create a one-stop shop for flexible IaaS and hybrid IT solutions that address increasingly diverse customer requirements,” said Jon Greaves, Chief Technology Officer, QTS. “Canonical is an industry leader in OpenStack management and technologies and we look forward to working closely as we unleash OpenStack Cloud solutions across our geographically diverse platform of integrated data centers.”

QTS launched in May QTS Healthcare Community Cloud (HCC), its purpose-built Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution exclusively for healthcare organizations that require a highly secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to safely share sensitive data, and meet strict regulatory mandates including HIPAA and HITECH.

The IaaS platform is designed to meet healthcare security and compliance requirements including HIPAA/HITECH, and includes security features including two factor authentication, data encryption at rest, and dedicated compute and storage resources. QTS HCC also enables secure healthcare hybrid cloud deployments, making it safe for organizations to move workloads between clouds and manage information flows between applications that share ePHI.

QTS HCC builds on QTS’ cloud and compliance expertise, allowing organizations to leverage the benefits of the cloud such as improving agility, optimizing operations and resources to reduce capital expenditures, and protecting electronic patient health information (ePHI).



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