Virtium debuts TuffDrive, its eUSB 3.0 embedded storage modules

Virtium, a vendor of industrial and embedded solid-state drive (SSD) and memory products, introduced Monday its TuffDrive eUSB 3.0 embedded storage modules – empowering system designers with a rich blend of high speed, low power and ultra-small form factor.

The storage modules, among the initial eUSB 3.0 10-pin storage solutions for industrial and embedded applications, feature speeds of up to 4.8Gbps – ten times the throughput of USB 2.0 — and capacities from 2GB to 256GB, while drawing less than 1W, which is half the power consumption of standard SATA SSDs.

The speed, capacity and low power of the new storage modules enable a much wider range of industrial and embedded designs for space-constrained environments. Their 4.8Gbps throughput provides an order of magnitude improvement over their USB 2.0 predecessors. Additionally, with capacities of up to 256GB, the storage modules are ideal for booting operating systems, logging video and data, and hosting storage-hungry applications. Furthermore, by drawing such little power, they can operate in the absence of cooling fans – or even airflow.

The SSDs feature industry-proven industrial connectors and mounting that assure durability in environments known for shock and vibration. Leveraging such existing connectors and mounting mechanisms also lowers a design’s bill of materials and energy costs relative to those of PCI Express and SATA.

“Most of today’s USB 3.0 storage devices come in a standard key or thumb-drive format and are designed for consumer uses, which aren’t appropriate for the strict requirements of industrial and embedded applications,” said Scott Phillips, vice president of marketing at Virtium. “The new Virtium TuffDrive eUSB 3.0 SSDs ultra-small form factor enables designers to scale existing designs and economically leverage current 10-pin system board connectors and mounting mechanisms. And they deliver system storage with dramatically improved throughput, capacities and power consumption.”

With prices for Virtium’s eUSB 3.0 TuffDrive embedded storage modules starting below $20 each, Virtium TuffDrive eUSB 3.0 Embedded Storage Module includes USB 3.0 protocol through a small, 10-pin format; offers substantially lower power than SATA SSDs used in embedded and industrial designs; broad capacity range – from 2GB to 256GB. Available in Virtium’s CE (MLC), XE (iMLC) and PE (SLC) classes; SMART support, providing the ability to monitor drives’ health using standard SMART commands; and support for Virtium’s vtView SSD Software, enabling drive analysis for optimal configuration.

The line also includes optional security features, including AES encryption and write protection, ensuring data is protected and secure from falling into the wrong hands, while providing support of industrial operating temperatures (-40C to 85C), extending new levels of security to designs in extreme operating conditions.

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