Q9 offers scalable private cloud services based on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

Enterprise cloud computing company Nutanix announced this week that Q9, a Canadian provider of outsourced data center services, has deployed the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform as the technology supporting its Private Cloud product offerings, complementing its core co-location operations. By offering a Nutanix-powered Dedicated Private Cloud solution, Q9 continues to enhance its existing offerings to provide application-focused infrastructure solutions for its clients.

Q9 clients across many industry verticals such as financial services and the natural resources sector continue to experience significant challenges managing the growth of on-premises and co-located infrastructure installations. They are seeking consumption-based solutions that provide more control, performance, availability, security and data residency.

By providing a dedicated private cloud offering with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Q9 enables an enterprise cloud environment that supports the types of controls customers require matched with a pay-per-use infrastructure elasticity model not typically found in private cloud services.

Q9 customers can now virtualize traditional enterprise applications and build their cloud apps on top of Nutanix with AHV and leverage public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Leveraging the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with the built-in AHV hypervisor, Q9 can deliver a secure dedicated private cloud instance with a single interface to each customer. This can greatly speed up the customer journey from traditional dedicated environments to data center virtualization and also provides a full path to the cloud. Q9 can now deploy an entirely new Nutanix-based Dedicated Private Cloud cluster for customers within hours, a significant departure from the days or weeks it used to take to build more complex, dedicated VMware-based environments.

Nutanix enables Q9 to bring in disparate VMs from various hypervisors and manage them all within its private cloud. This feature provides flexibility for clients who are currently running VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V on-premises to take advantage of Q9’s private cloud for disaster recovery, creating an opportunity for Q9 as a service provider.

“Whether it’s our Dedicated Private Cloud service or the forthcoming Virtual Private Cloud offering where customers can purchase individual VMs rather than a dedicated cluster itself, Nutanix has been able to support all of our different use cases,” said Tim Harrison, product architect and technology advocate for Q9. “We are now looking at adding VDI and hosted applications on top of Nutanix. For Q9, that’s the value of Nutanix: it allows Q9 to eliminate the need for our customers to focus on managing infrastructure which, in turn, opens up new opportunities for them to grow and innovate.”

“Companies like Q9 are challenged to help customers with traditional bare metal infrastructure move to virtualized environments while also offering future-looking capabilities like the public cloud,” said Robert Yelenich, Canada country manager for Nutanix. “With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, these companies can now offer new services to their customers which provide them with the flexibility and benefits of a public cloud while retaining the security and control of on-premises data center infrastructure. Companies can dramatically reduce their time to revenue, and their customers finally have access to a next-generation solution they can rely on.”

Nutanix announced last week that PernixData and Calm.io will join to augment data and control fabrics of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Nutanix has executed a definitive agreement to acquire PernixData, a pioneer in scale-out data acceleration and analytics. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. In addition, Nutanix has closed the acquisition of Calm.io, a vendor of DevOps automation.

By adding technology, products and engineering talent, Nutanix can accelerate the delivery of an Enterprise Cloud Platform that rivals the agility, automation and consumer-grade simplicity of the public cloud but with the control, security and attractive long-term economics of on-premises infrastructure.

These additions will enable Nutanix to pioneer new software stacks for storage-class memory systems, enhance its Application Mobility Fabric (AMF) with cross-cloud workload migration and bring rich, cloud-inspired orchestration and workflow automation to its Prism management software.

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