New HPE offerings secure digital transformation to provide security to operations, DevOps, data protection

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) released Wednesday new solutions designed to streamline and strengthen the approach to security operations, DevOps and data protection. These innovations in security analytics, application security, and data security combine power and flexibility with ease-of-use, helping organizations fearlessly innovate and more intuitively build security into protect, detect, and respond to the evolving threat landscape.

In a hyper-connected world, technology advances such as hybrid cloud, employee managed devices and Internet of Things (IoT) accelerate business agility; however, they can also introduce vulnerabilities that increase risk. Securing digital transformation means building security into the IT infrastructure and providing visibility and actionable insight to enable intelligence-driven security operations.

According to the HPE State of Security Operations Report 2016, 85 percent of security operations centers (SOCs) are failing to meet business goals, showcasing the need for a more strategic approach to security. HPE introduced the HPE ArcSight Data Platform (ADP 2.0) to lay the foundation for combating the growing security challenges that security operations face in detecting and responding to cyber threats.

HPE ADP 2.0 delivers up to 50 percent faster search and provides a centralized Event Broker that ingests 1 million events per second, substantially improving the speed, scalability, and security visibility of big data management across IT, operational technology (OT), IoT and physical inputs.

The solution provides actionable insights based on both real-time correlation and machine learning, and is the industry’s first open architecture that seamlessly connects to any third party application, empowering organizations with the flexibility to choose how they store, search and analyze data.

HPE’s integrated approach to security is also evident in new HPE application security and data security innovations. The HPE Fortify Ecosystem and Fortify on Demand (FoD) continuous application monitoring service help organizations create secure applications that seamlessly integrate security testing processes and resources into the fast-paced software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Traditionally, organizations test applications after development or while in production, which has become increasingly challenging with the rapid pace of today’s development and deployment cycles.

The HPE Fortify Ecosystem features integrated systems spanning 10 distinct DevOps functional categories including Cloud, Containers, and Open Source, as well as more than 20 partners including Microsoft,Docker, and Chef, allowing organizations to intuitively test and secure applications during development.

With the HPE Fortify Ecosystem and FoD continuous application monitoring, organizations can now secure their applications before, during, and after they are brought to market.

The integration between HPE SecureData and HPE Atalla HSM provides customers with a cohesive end-to-end data security approach to protect their most sensitive data. These solutions deliver a comprehensive data security approach that pairs Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Hyper Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) technologies with cryptography and key management.

The HPE ArcSight Data Platform 2.0 will be available globally on Oct. 5; the HPE Fortify Ecosystem and new HPE Security FoD continuous application monitoring service are currently available globally; and the HPE SecureData and HPE Atalla HSM integrated solution will be available globally on Sept. 21.

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