ATTO Technology delivers support for Windows Server 2016 in bid to shift to virtualized data centers

ATTO Technology announced this week support for the newly released Windows Server 2016 operating system. This latest enterprise offering from Microsoft delivers enhanced network security; expanded support for the software-defined data center; and new options to accelerate cloud applications.

Accelerating storage performance and lowering latency to maximize the use of system resources anchor ATTO’s strategy to deliver various products for the software-defined and cloud computing markets.

Included in ATTO’s portfolio of Windows Server 2016 supported solutions are Celerity 32Gb, 16Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) with MultiPath Director; ExpressSAS 12Gb and 6Gb SAS/SATA HBAs and 6Gb RAID adapters; Thunderbolt enabled ThunderLink and ThunderStream devices for Thunderbolt 2 and 3 platforms; and FastFrame 40Gb and 10Gb network interface cards (NICs).

“For many years, ATTO has led the market in storage connectivity for solutions that leverage Microsoft innovation in the enterprise computing market space,” said Tom Kolniak, director of products at ATTO. “With the release of Server 2016, we expect that our customers will be able to take performance to a new level and provide unique solutions in the cloud.”

Last month, ATTO and Facilis, vendor of cost-effective, high performance shared storage systems and dynamic workflow solutions for the film, broadcast and AV markets, are pleased to announce the inclusion of the new ATTO Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs in the Facilis TerraBlock shared storage system. This announcement builds on the longstanding relationship between the two companies to offer users even more power for their data-intensive needs.

Gen 6 Fibre Channel offers twice the speed of previous generations, resulting in even faster access to data. With true 32Gb/s speed, managing uncompressed 4K and compressed 8K workflows has never been easier. ATTO’s Celerity HBAs also feature Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology, ensuring the smooth flow of data and eliminating dropped frames during real-time editing.

Facilis’ new TerraBlock Hybrid 24 has a storage capacity of up to 144TB and can utilize 32Gb Fibre Channel’s speed and low latency for the best possible performance. This translates to ease of configuration, in some cases eliminating the need for dual-port connectivity when increased performance is required.


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