NEC launches virtual appliance with SDS option to HYDRAstor storage platform

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) added on Wednesday a new capability to its HYDRAstor storage platform, a Virtual Appliance designed to allow for extremely rapid provisioning of backup storage into virtualized environments and provide off-site backup capabilities ideal for small sites and branches.

HYDRAstor, part of NEC’s Smart Enterprise solutions designed to improve the way people work and communicate.

The NEC HYDRAstor VA can be deployed into virtual environment and adds deduplication storage capability and WAN-optimized replication feature for off-site backup. Key benefits include Universal deduplication storage for small environments (1TB up to 16TB); easy deployment anywhere in virtual environment like VMware and Hyper-V; disaster recovery offering for small sites/branches with WAN-optimized replication; and fits into the cloud service platform.

“Market dynamics and ever increasing demands of today’s data centric industries are finding their way to organizations of all types and size and our virtual appliance solution meets these needs with a simple price structure while delivering an enterprise class feature set and performance,” said Hide Senta, VP of strategic business, NEC Corporation of America.

Virtualization simplifies IT system platform by consolidating servers and storage systems and separates software lifecycle from hardware lifecycle which frees IT managers from complex compatibility work. Adding virtual appliances of backup storage into the picture helps organizations by eliminating separate hardware management and providing business agility.

Earlier this month, NEC announced ExpressCluster software integration for its UNIVERGE UM8700 unified messaging application. The UM8700 enables anytime, anywhere access to voice, Fax and email messages and services across a large number of PC, smartphone and tablet devices via one familiar user interface – Microsoft Outlook.

ExpressCluster software is a high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) software solution that minimizes application system outages from hardware, software, network and site level failures.

NEC’s ExpressCluster software enables comprehensive redundancy solutions that can quickly recover UM8700 application services and data within minutes from hardware and software failures to avoid disruption of access to critical voicemail messages and services.

Designed to protect business critical systems and data, ExpressCluster software is a fully automated redundancy and recovery HA/DR solution that is versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy in physical, virtual and cloud environments. It is the ideal solution to safeguard industry-standard applications, operating systems, and virtualization platforms.

ExpressCluster provides simple and cost effective protection of critical UM8700 systems to avoid disruption of critical business activities and productivity loss.

ExpressCluster’s UM8700 protection and recovery solutions offer synchronous data mirroring for real-time protection and recovery of stored UM8700 database content and messages with no loss; granular monitoring of UM8700 application services and fully automated failure detection and recovery of applications and data to standby system within minutes without requiring client device reconfiguration; and processor based licensing means no additional licensing cost for adding port licenses to the same UM8700 system.

It also delivers a flexible and minimal hardware requirements support multiple deployment scenarios including running UM8700 Call Server and System Server on the same machine to minimize total solution cost and complexity; along with a simple and easy to use web management console providing comprehensive recovery management of target UM8700 systems.

It also supports local high availability recovery in LAN environment and remote disaster recovery over WAN and virtualized UM8700 systems deployed on on-premise and hosted infrastructure.

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