Mirantis debuts vendor-agnostic Kubernetes and Docker certification; adds self-paced training course

Mirantis launched Thursday its initial vendor-agnostic Kubernetes and Docker certification, to offer enterprises a way to identify container skills in a competitive cloud market.

Professionals preparing for the certification are recommended to take the Kubernetes and Docker bootcamp. The company also announced a new online, self-paced KD100 training for self-learners looking for economy pricing and additional flexibility.

Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD100) is a two-day instructor-led training for software developers, architects, deployment engineers, or other IT team members responsible for the automated deployment, scaling, management, and running of applications.

This course requires students to be very familiar with the Linux command line. The course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs. The lectures provide an introduction to Docker and Kubernetes. Students will learn how to use Docker for developing, shipping, and running applications. Also, students will learn how to use Kubernetes to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

The labs provide hands-on experience through the installation of a Docker and Kubernetes cluster from scratch. Students will also learn how to run a Docker container, build a new Docker image and configure it. Over the length of the course, students will use Kubernetes to deploy and manage a simple web application.

Cloud computing skills have progressed from being niche to mainstream as the world’s most in-demand skill set. LinkedIn named cloud computing as the hottest skill in demand in France, India, and the United States in 2015. Within cloud computing, Kubernetes and containers have grown in popularity.

The OpenStack User Survey shows Kubernetes taking the lead as the top Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tool, while 451 Research has called containers the “future of virtualization,” predicting strong container growth across on-premises, hosted and public clouds.

“As interest in Kubernetes and containers gains momentum across the industry, Mirantis felt it vital to add a true vendor-agnostic certification for Kubernetes and Docker,” said Lee Xie, Sr. Director, Educational Services, Mirantis. “Mirantis offers several formats to train professionals on the automated deployment, scaling, management, and running of container applications. This provides maximum flexibility to prepare for the KDC100 certification exam.”

The proctored Kubernetes and Docker certification (KDC100), is a hands-on, 30-task exam, priced at $600. This includes a certificate, listing on Mirantis’ verification portal for prospective employers, and certification signature logos for those that pass the exam.

The first session is scheduled for Dec. 29 in Sunnyvale, California, with an attached virtual session. For those interested in a packaged offering, the KD110 bundle includes the KD100 bootcamp and the KDC100 exam for $2,395. The KD100 bootcamp, available in classroom and live virtual formats, is the official recommended training for the KDC100 certification exam.

Mirantis also announced a new online, self-paced KD100 training. The online course will include one-year access to the KD100 course content and videos, 72 hours of online hands-on labs, as well as a completion certificate that will be provided upon finishing the class. The new class is coming in January 2017. For a limited time, it will be available for preregistration at the discounted price of $195 (regularly $395).

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