Puppet launches Puppet Enterprise 2016.5 to deliver high availability to enterprise DevOps

Puppet announced Tuesday the availability of Puppet Enterprise 2016.5 to give users a simple, out-of-the-box, automated failover workflow. As Puppet Enterprise can automatically detect when a problem affects the Puppet master, no manual intervention is required for disaster recovery or failover processes.

With Puppet Enterprise 2016.5, when a failure is detected on the Puppet master, whether due to a network outage, hardware failure or other problem, Puppet Enterprise will automatically fail over to a replica Puppet master provisioned in the same data center.

Should the primary master fail, the replica will automatically take over to ensure that Puppet continues to orchestrate deployments and enforce the desired configurations, ensuring continual compliance for critical applications and infrastructure.

Currently available, Puppet Enterprise 2016.5 introduces new high-availability capabilities to eliminate a single point of failure for Puppet, and provide automated failover and redundancy in the event of an outage. This ensures that Puppet continues to manage infrastructure and enforce configurations, even if an outage affects the hardware Puppet runs on.

Software can be the difference between wild success or abject failure for a business. Organizations that understand this reality are increasingly turning to Puppet Enterprise to help them deliver software to their customers faster.

As Puppet manages mission critical technology for thousands of companies in some of the largest data centers around the world, Puppet is introducing automated high availability capabilities for Puppet Enterprise to ensure customers can manage this critical infrastructure and software even during outages.

When a failure is detected on the Puppet master server, whether due to a power outage, natural disaster, or other incident, Puppet Enterprise will now fail over to a local replica server that the user has already provisioned. This replica will automatically take over to ensure that Puppet continues to orchestrate deployments and enforce desired configurations.

With the new high-availability capabilities, Puppet can now automatically detect when a problem affects the Puppet master, so they won’t have to manually intervene in any disaster recovery and failover processes for Puppet.

Last month, Puppet announced that Puppet Enterprise is now available on AWS Marketplace. The new listing builds on AWS and Puppet’s existing collaboration, and makes it simple for anyone to launch core Puppet Enterprise services directly from AWS Marketplace.

AWS customers can find, launch and run Puppet Enterprise directly from AWS Marketplace. Now AWS customers can adopt Puppet Enterprise for a standard, centralized way to manage infrastructure services and applications in AWS environments, taking full advantage of the agility, efficiency, flexibility and scale of the AWS Cloud.

Through Puppet’s declarative approach to infrastructure as code, customers can rapidly move from physical infrastructure to deploying production workloads in the cloud with reduced risk and more reliability.

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