Trend Micro TippingPoint announces 100 Gb standalone intrusion prevention system

Trend Micro, vendor of cybersecurity solutions, announced Monday availability of the latest Trend Micro TippingPoint NX Series Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS), including a first-to-market standalone NGIPS solution that delivers up to 100 Gb inspection throughput with low latency.

Designed to cater to data centers and enterprise networks with high performance requirements, the TippingPoint 7600NX protects critical infrastructure, data and vulnerable applications in real-time from known, undisclosed and unknown vulnerabilities without adversely affecting network performance.

The 7600NX provides data centers processing massive amounts of traffic with a comprehensive security solution that can scale to evolving performance requirements. It uses a combination of technologies such as deep packet inspection, threat reputation and advanced malware analysis to detect and prevent attacks across data center environments.

The TippingPoint NX Series is able to reduce administration time and prioritize security coverage with Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation (eVR), which allows customers to import vulnerability scans into the TippingPoint Security Management System, map them to Digital Vaccine filters and take immediate action. This threat intelligence provides the visibility necessary to optimize the overall security posture of an organization.

The TippingPoint IPS offers comprehensive threat protection against advanced and evasive targeted attacks with high accuracy. Using a combination of technologies such as deep packet inspection, threat reputation, and advanced malware analysis, it provides enterprises with a proactive approach to security. It gives you the comprehensive contextual awareness, in-depth analysis of network traffic, and the visibility and agility necessary to keep pace with dynamic enterprise.

The offering delivers real-time, in-line threat intelligence that protects critical data, applications, and infrastructure from advanced attacks without affecting network performance. DVLabs provides radical threat analysis and security filters that cover an entire vulnerability to protect against all potential attack permutations, not just an exploit.

It also delivers enterprise Vulnerability Remediation (eVR) that maps vulnerabilities to Digital Vaccine threat intelligence and take immediate action to maximize security coverage and remediate with a virtual network patch. The offering includes security investment protection to provide automatic recommended settings with both immediate and on-going threat protection with little manual effort.

“As threats and attacks evolve and become more sophisticated, the demands of data center environments will necessitate comprehensive security solutions that can flex and adapt to the dynamic nature of the landscape,” said Rob Ayoub, research director for IDC. “Trend Micro is continuing to drive product innovation in customization, performance and agility that meets these needs as a single security vendor.”

The TippingPoint 7540NX NGIPS is also available with up to 40 Gb inspection throughput. In October 2016, Trend Micro TippingPoint NGIPS received a “recommended” rating in NGIPS testing from NSS Labs.

“Customers with high traffic environments require a solution that can operate seamlessly and help prioritize the threats they need to focus on first,” said Don Closser, vice president and general manager for Trend Micro TippingPoint. “Our 100 Gb solution’s superior performance as well as exclusive insight into undisclosed vulnerability data through our Zero Day Initiative program provides them real-time, accurate threat prevention between vulnerability discovery and patch availability.”

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