Innovatum launches cloud-based offerings for regulated labeling, unique device identification compliance

Innovatum Inc. announced on Monday availability of its vaunted ROBAR line of solutions for regulated labeling and UDI compliance as a cloud based “hosted” service called “ROBAR Online.” The expansion of services resets the bar for enterprise labeling capabilities and support in the life sciences industry.

Available as a single tenant solution, the ROBAR Online solution includes all the capabilities and associated services that are expected from on-premise software. This includes expert consultation, implementation, integration, as well as validation assistance and on-going support.

The ROBAR family of products includes label design, management and printing, regulatory data management and submissions, and eIFU capabilities.

ROBAR Online gives companies the option to make labeling an operational expense rather than a capital one. Innovatum spent extensive time making ROBAR’s home in the cloud viable using a scalable security model that is configured to user’s needs. With ROBAR Online, the offerings that have made ROBAR such a success are now hosted and accessible to more companies looking for life sciences labeling systems.

ROBAR Online eliminates the need to purchase, manage, and maintain server hardware, thereby freeing up valuable IT resources. Savings may be realized in technical departments for companies looking to alleviate these costs. This release of pressure allows our offerings to reach a wider array of smaller scale companies.

The process of maintaining FDA GUDID submissions through Excel may also be retired, streamlining the process in a way that Is affordable, accessible, and sustainable. With security and data assurance at the forefront of the company’s design process, consumers can feel at ease benefiting from the savings that come from utilizing a hosted solution.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Innovatum is a software and regulatory consulting company that specializes in life sciences labeling and UDI compliance. Innovatum is partnering with various cloud based hosting companies to deliver “ROBAR Online” through highly available and secure means.

Integration with other systems such as ERP, MES, and PLM remain as flexible and reliable as ever; customers always maintain access to their own data, which is not commingled with other data on the same server.

“Through 15 years of acid testing by our customers, and as a result of our continuous improvement based on their feedback, the ROBAR on-premise solution has become the leading enterprise labeling and UDI compliance software in the world,” said Innovatum President and CEO Ardi Batmanghelidj. “This expansion of services was made possible through diligent and dedicated efforts in managing the on-premise solution for many of our customers. Along the way, we embraced the growing need for cloud-based and online services, honing our skills for delivering a hosted solution regardless of its physical location. Our customer feedback has been key in providing this in-demand capability for Innovatum.”

He continued, “We are excited to bring this service to smaller companies, without IT departments, and to industry leaders who feel comfortable having a world-class hosted solution.”

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