Nimbix expands cloud product offering with MaterialCompute for enterprises and developers

Nimbix, vendor of high-performance and cloud supercomputing services, announced recently enhancements to its combined product strategy for enterprise computing, end users and developers.  This new strategy will focus on three key capabilities – JARVICE Compute for high-performance processing, including machine learning, AI and HPC workloads; PushToCompute for application developers creating and monetizing high performance workflows; and MaterialCompute, an intuitive user interface, featuring high performance application marketplace available from a cloud provider.

MaterialCompute is Nimbix’s newest offering, sets a new standard for ease of use and accessibility of high-end computing services. It also aims to decrease clicks, improve flows, and optimize display on both desktop and mobile devices.

With MaterialCompute, users choose applications and workflows from the marketplace and execute these on the Nimbix Cloud at any scale, from any network, on any device, and leveraging any advanced computing technologies such as the latest GPUs from NVIDIA and FPGAs from Xilinx.

Developers can also leverage MaterialCompute to create and manage applications, and interface seamlessly to PushToCompute mechanisms.

Nimbix’s JARVICE platform powers the Nimbix Cloud and is capable of processing massively parallel turnkey workflows ranging from enterprise simulation to machine learning and serving all major industries and organizations.

Unlike other cloud providers who leverage virtualization technology to provide slices of a physical machine to users, JARVICE delivers high-performance computation on bare-metal supercomputing systems using Nimbix’s patented Reconfigurable Cloud Computing technology and fully containerized application components for agility and security. It also powers the Nimbix Cloud and is also available as a product for both hosted and on-premises private cloud deployments.

PushToCompute, released last September, is a quick way for developers to onboard commercial or open source compute-intensive applications into the cloud.  Using the industry standard Docker format, PushToCompute seamlessly interfaces with major third party registries such as Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, and others, as well as private registries.

PushToCompute is available as a subscription service and will expand to include build capabilities for both x86 and POWER architectures in the first half of this year. With these new capabilities, PushToCompute will offer end to end continuous integration as well as continuous delivery services for developers of compute intensive workflows such as machine learning and other complex algorithms. Once deployed, these workflows can be made available in the public marketplace for monetization in an on-demand fashion.

“Delivering optimized technology capabilities to different communities is key to a successful public cloud offering,” said Nimbix chief technology officer Leo Reiter.  “With this unified approach, Nimbix delivers discrete product capabilities to different audiences while maximizing value to all parties with the underlying power of the JARVICE platform.”

Last September, Nimbix announced PushToCompute as a method for rapid cloud deployment and monetization of containerized compute intensive applications. This capability is built into the JARVICE platform which powers the Nimbix Cloud.

Through the added feature on the JARVICE platform, developers are able to import the latest version of their application into an existing workflow in the Nimbix Cloud and make it available for consumption at scale immediately.

The application, along with its dependencies, executes in JARVICE’s container runtime environment, which provides superior performance and scale. This includes sub-second launch times, faster execution, seamless access to advanced computational accelerators (such as GPUs and FPGAs), automated heterogeneous data management, and rapid workflow deployment across multiple compute nodes either in a parallel or distributed paradigm.

JARVICE and PushToCompute are available with both on-demand and subscription pricing. MaterialCompute will be available for public access next month, and will serve as the primary front-end for all Nimbix Cloud services.

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