New Panzura software, hardware, support services to meet enterprise demand for hybrid cloud storage

Panzura, vendor of hybrid cloud storage, announced Thursday significant expansion in enterprise grade functionality and services to meet the increasingly large enterprise demand for hybrid cloud storage. These new software, hardware, and support services offerings are available immediately and provide substantial enhancements for Panzura’s primary use cases of active archive, hybrid cloud NAS, and cross-site collaboration.

To provide the extra level of support services needed by larger enterprise customers, Panzura is now providing a new Technical Account Manager program. Panzura Technical Account Managers can be dedicated or shared, and provide personalized planning and operational support of the Panzura hybrid cloud storage environment.

The Technical Account Manager acts as a liaison with internal Panzura groups and resources to assist in providing the highest level of proactive support services. The Technical Account Manager reviews and oversees all of Panzura support activity and regularly monitors customers’ controllers, using Panzura’s Support Assistance.

Panzura’s latest release of software, version 6.3, provides larger virtual machine cache sizes, enhancements in high availability functionality, enterprise grade reporting, and new cloud storage support and features.

To satisfy demand of larger customers, Panzura increased the cache size of its largest virtual machine to 36 terabytes, a 350 percent increase in size over the previously largest virtual machine controller. To assist with disaster recovery planning and execution, this new release simplifies high availability failback, making it as easy to failback as failover.

Storage, network, performance, and user analytics across all controllers are now available through a single pane of glass. Support for IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Virtustream, as well as the ability to write to multiple cloud storage providers, has also been added.

In addition to larger virtual machine cache sizes, Panzura also introduced a new hybrid cloud controller model that doubles the cache size of Panzura’s previously largest hybrid cloud controller.

Panzura’s newest controller, the 5550, provides a 16 terabyte usable cache size equating to over three petabytes of total storage footprint addressable by a single controller. All Panzura 5000 series hybrid cloud controllers received a performance boost resulting in a 40 percent increase in throughput.

“With the increasing adoption of a cloud-first model, Panzura added a significant number of large enterprise customers in 2016. The common requirement across all these customers is that everything must be enterprise grade,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of Panzura. “Our latest version of software is the most rock solid release ever delivered by Panzura and furthers our market-leading enterprise scale, performance, throughput and availability. This, combined with our new platforms and premium support services, makes it an easy transition to a hybrid cloud storage model.”

Panzura announced last month general availability of its new Freedom Archive product – designed to cost-effectively manage, store and access archive data from any cloud and any location.

Freedom Archive is perfect for long-term management, storage and access of surveillance video, healthcare imaging, seismic data, life sciences information, and other valuable data. Users such as Chevron, American College of Radiology, NBC Universal, Time Warner Cable, and multiple law enforcement agencies use Freedom Archive as their high performance, active archive solution.

Freedom Archive eliminates the need to store less frequently accessed data on expensive primary or secondary storage from vendors like NetApp or EMC or transfer it to more traditional archiving methods such as tape or optical disk.

Instead, Freedom Archive combines the benefits of high-performance local cache for high speed, on demand access to important data with the economics and limitless capacity of cloud storage to make archiving of petabytes of data simpler, faster and less expensive.

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