IDrive Online Backup unveiled IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) Software for Amazon Web Services

IDrive Online Backup expanded its IDrive Vault making it capable of being deployed in AWS, leveraging Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) acts as a safehouse for user data, now bringing the benefits of Amazon Web Services to go along with the simplicity of the IDrive software. This gives users a dedicated infrastructure for easy access to their data within their geographic region, combined with the peace of mind that their data is protected in the AWS cloud.

IDrive provides pre-configuration option, so that the appliance shipped is ready to plug in; extensive FAQs with procedures and answers for almost all queries; regular reports and notifications are provided for data backups with constant monitoring and support; and complete hardware replacement within the warranty period.

The software dashboard allows users to create their user account within storage space and define their encryption; view the information about each user’s storage utilization and the most recent backup; make changes to backup sets and settings across devices; and upgrade to the latest version of the client application remotely.

The IDrive Client enables backup of multiple devices in a single account; with the ability to restore up to ten versions of the backed up files. It also automatically backs up file modifications at time intervals set by the user. The solution lets users store files in the cloud for as long as they want; while delivering backups on running databases and servers without any downtime. It also backs up the entire drive by creating a complete copy of the original rive.

“We have IDrive business customers worldwide, that require faster backups and restores of their critical data and we plan to meet those needs with IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) for AWS,” says Matthew Harvey, Senior Business Development Manager at IDrive. “Combining both IDrive and AWS offers true on-demand scalability, region specific backup and a host of other features that cannot be found in other solutions.”

Pricing for the IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) software for AWS is $1000 per year. IDrive Vault (Private Cloud) software for AWS is deliverable through download.

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