Trend Micro adds XGen security capabilities across its offerings for smart, connected threat defense

Trend Micro Inc. announced Tuesday that it is leveraging its newest capabilities of XGen security, including machine learning, to better protect networks and hybrid cloud environments.

XGen security, which powers all of Trend Micro’s solutions, is a unique blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques that is continually evolving and optimized for each layer of security – user environments, networks and hybrid clouds – to best protect against the full range of known and unknown threats.

Trend Micro is continually enhancing its range of threat defense techniques and optimizing these for each solution. Last October, Trend Micro announced endpoint security, powered by XGen, highlighting the infusion of high-fidelity machine learning into its blend of threat defense techniques. It is also announcing enhancements to ways in which it is further leveraging XGen security capabilities to enhance its network defense and hybrid cloud security solutions.

XGen security includes a blend of proven and advanced threat defense techniques and intelligently applies the right technique at the right time. This smart approach to security leverages techniques such as web and file reputation, intrusion prevention and application control to efficiently handle the large volume of known bad and known good.

With more advanced techniques such as behavioral analysis, machine learning and sandbox analysis are freed to more accurately handle the harder-to-detect, unknown threats.

These capabilities are fueled by the cloud-based global threat intelligence of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which helps to ensure faster protection for customers around the world. This delivers maximum protection and efficiency.

In an evolving IT environment, organizations are not only challenged by the types of threats, but also by the ability to deploy and manage security seamlessly across the enterprise.

For example, deploying security for endpoints is very different operationally than securing highly scalable cloud workloads or high traffic segments of the network.

XGen security is optimized for each security layer and specifically designed for and integrated with the platforms and applications that matter most to customers. It also enables a connected threat defense for customers by seamlessly sharing threat intelligence across layers while providing centralized visibility and control to speed time to protect, detect and respond.

Organizations today are still dealing with a massive volume of known bad files, URLs and spam; and, they are struggling to defend against stealthier, unknown threats like targeted attacks, zero days, business email compromise and ransomware.

Classic techniques such as anti-malware and content filtering remain the most efficient way of eliminating the high volume of known threats. In fact, Trend Micro blocked more than 80 billion such threats for our customers last year alone. However, with over 500,000 new, unique threats created every day, newer, more advanced techniques are also needed.

“Our business requires us to be protected from the high volume of known and unknown threats occurring every day,” said William Crank, chief information security officer of MEDHOST. “We also sought a security solution that is focused on protecting our business from future targeted attacks. Trend Micro was the right choice for us as their cross-generational approach to security helps us protect our organization today and tomorrow. It is good to know that our investment is protected for the future.”

“While some ‘next gen’ offerings rely solely on one technique, such as behavioral analysis or machine learning, we believe that when it comes to defending your organization against the full range of known and unknown threats, there is no silver bullet,” said Eva Chen, founder and chief executive officer for Trend Micro. “As an industry leader helping to protect over 500,000 organizations, we believe that continual innovation with a range of purpose-built threat defense techniques is needed to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.”

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