QASymphony debuts qTest Pulse, a continuous testing offering focused on DevOps

Enterprise test management solutions company QASymphony announced Tuesday general market availability of qTest Pulse, a new testing application designed specifically for development teams practicing continuous testing within their DevOps pipeline.

qTest Pulse integrates with various DevOps tools on the market including GitHub, JIRA and Jenkins, enabling development teams to deliver high quality software with every release, and is available in cloud or on-premise versions.

qTest Pulse is meant to insert the tester into the Continuous Delivery pipelines that DevOps teams are constructing. The information radiators are commit comments streamed, understood and interpreted by the testers; comments on JIRA stories after test executions fail; CI test results that don’t have to be drilled down into; and the power to automate a lot of the process behind how code gets built, placed into a test environment, and shipped to multiple environments.

With qTest Pulse, DevOps teams are able to integrate continuous testing activities directly with Agile ALM systems like JIRA and version control tools like Git for full-circle traceability of test results back to individual tickets and even source code check-ins. It also streamlines the DevOps pipeline by directly connecting all testing activity, both manual and automated, into the CI Build process run by tools such as Jenkins or CircleCI.

qTest Pulse also stores manual test cases in GitHub alongside code with push-button conversion to Selenium or other automated test frameworks to accelerate the automation process; and facilitates better and faster communication between developers and testers via event-driven notifications and integrations across ALM, version control and CI systems.

“Our customers have told us that are evolving the way they develop software,” said Dave Keil, CEO of QASymphony. “Rather than having one single development methodology, they often have several different teams developing software in different ways. With the launch of qTest Pulse, we now provide a comprehensive platform that can support all of the different teams within an enterprise, whether they are releasing software once a day, once a month or once a year. Additionally, our robust business intelligence and reporting capability brings together all of the testing-related analytics, providing executives with a complete view into software quality across the enterprise.”

Global enterprises are under increasing pressure to release software at a rapid pace. As a result, companies are starting to adopt DevOps practices within pockets of their IT organization. While DevOps adoption is significant, it is generally taking place at the project or team level, with full company-wide adoption of DevOps at only 20 percent. The vast majority of enterprises continue to practice a mix of Waterfall and Agile development.

QASymphony’s qTest is a platform that can support this diversity of development methodologies with solutions that cover BDD/TDD, Exploratory, Agile/Waterfall, and now DevOps testing. With qTest Insights organizations can consolidate manual and automated testing analytics into one complete view for the customer. This ensures a high level of quality across different teams in an organization.

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