CHT Global debuts VeloCloud powered cloud-delivered SD-WAN offering

CHT Global (Chunghwa Telecom Global) launched Monday its CHT Global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) on a global scale that will enable enterprises to transition from traditional static hardware to software-based WAN.

CHT Global SD-WAN is a comprehensive platform that delivers network agility, security, and zero IT touch deployment to support growth and expansion of enterprises as they increasingly provide their customers with real-time solutions. CHT Global’s service offering is complete with a secure cloud network to protect any business sensitive data and a cloud orchestrator to simplify branch deployments and reduce IT complexity for business managers.

CHT Global is partnering with VeloCloud Networks, the cloud-delivered SD-WAN company, to provide the underlying infrastructure that will help businesses drive cost savings, transform customer experiences, and improve overall application performance.

The demand for bandwidth is continually increasing as customers need to directly access time-sensitive applications such as voice, video, and data. CHT Global SD-WAN allows businesses to support their cloud deployments across multiple locations and branch offices without large constraints in bandwidth.

“We are excited to partner with VeloCloud Networks to equip our enterprise customers, both large and small, with a Quality of Experience (QoE) technology that will deliver a greater end user experience,” said Joe Yang, CEO and president of CHT Global Inc.

“CHT Global SD-WAN will minimize the congestion that commonly occurs with traditional broadband Internet that would otherwise interfere with the delivery of time-sensitive applications and lower the QoE for end users,” said Yang. “By pairing up VeloCloud’s technology and knowledge of managed services with CHT Global’s submarine cable network, businesses around the world can increase operational efficiency and maximize performance.”

CHT Global has one of the widest international cable line networks in the Pacific and beyond through its undersea submarine cables that direct global voice and data traffic. CHT Global’s leverage in the Asia-Pacific in conjunction with its SD-WAN services will allow customers to benefit from highly reliable wide-area network connections, whether they are DSL, cable, or LTE.

“We are pleased to partner with CHT Global and support the company’s strong presence in Asia with our Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN technology to design customized network solutions for enterprise customers,” said Sanjay Uppal, CEO of VeloCloud. “VeloCloud SD-WAN delivers the architectural flexibility that enterprises need to ensure the performance of business critical SaaS applications to boost productivity and significantly reduce costs.”

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