Kubernetes now available on IBM Bluemix Container Service for built-in security and isolation

IBM released this week beta version of its Kubernetes support in the IBM Bluemix Container Service. The IBM Bluemix Container Service, now combines Docker and Kubernetes to deliver tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation to enable rapid delivery of applications, while leveraging cloud services including cognitive capabilities from Watson.

IBM partnered with Docker in December 2014 to bring containers to the enterprise market and launched containers-as-a service on Bluemix in June 2015. Bluemix was announced in June 2014 as the IBM Cloud platform, providing users with a variety of compute choices as well as over 140 IBM and third party services.

Containers are a standard way to package an application and all its dependencies so that it can be moved between environments and run without changes. Containers work by isolating the application inside the container so that everything outside the container can be standardized.

The latest announcement integrates advanced container orchestration of Kubernetes into the IBM Bluemix Container Service. Users can also create their initial Kubernetes cluster within minutes and flexibly manage dedicated cluster resources for both stateless (microservice) applications and stateful workloads.

With a single Kubernetes dashboard, manage security compliance throughout DevOps pipeline by automatically scanning both Docker images and live containers for known vulnerabilities and the presence of malware. It also verifies appropriate container settings and application configurations and review risk ratings and match container service policies to those of the organization.

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