Amazon Pinpoint unveils support for Kinesis event streams, monetization dashboards

Amazon Pinpoint now supports Kinesis events streams to stream app and campaign analytics events via Kinesis streams or Kinesis Firehose streams and monetization dashboards to view monetization events sent from the mobile app.

These new features will enable users to better understand app monetization, enable real time events processing through Kinesis streams and downstream processing of events data via publish to S3, Redshift or ElastiCache. These features increase flexibility of using Amazon Pinpoint.

Amazon Pinpoint enables users to understand user behavior on the mobile app, create targeted segments based on device, usage or custom attributes, creating and scheduling messaging campaigns, and evaluating impact of targeted campaigns on usage behavior.

Amazon Pinpoint makes it easy to run targeted campaigns to drive user engagement in mobile apps. Amazon Pinpoint help to understand user behavior, define which users to target, determine which messages to send, schedule the best time to deliver the messages, and then track the results of the campaign.

Targeted push notifications based on app usage trends and user behavior have become a popular approach for mobile app user engagement because response rates are often several times higher than traditional email marketing campaigns. By using targeted push notifications, you can increase message relevance and effectiveness, measure engagement, and continually improve the campaigns.

Getting started with Amazon Pinpoint is easy. First, AWS Mobile Hub guides through the process to integrate the AWS Mobile SDK with the app. Next, users can define their target segments, campaign message, and specify the delivery schedule. Once the campaign is running, Pinpoint provides metrics so that users can run analytics and track the impact of the campaign.

With Amazon Pinpoint, there are no upfront setup costs, and no fixed monthly cost. Users only pay for the number of users the campaign targets, the messages sent, and the events collected, so that one can start small and scale as the application grows.

With Amazon Pinpoint, users can define target segments from a variety of data sources; identify target segments from app user data that Amazon Pinpoint collects; and build custom target segments from user data collected in other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. Since Amazon Pinpoint is integrated with Amazon S3, consumers can import target user segments, in JSON and CSV format, from third-party sources, such as Salesforce, by exporting the data from Salesforce to Amazon S3, and then importing it into Amazon Pinpoint.

Amazon Pinpoint can also create messages from templates that are populated with custom attributes like favorite team, news preferences, and locations details. This enables users to deliver personalized messages to each user in the campaign; and send personalized messages by importing user device IDs, along with a personalized message for each user, directly from Amazon S3.

Amazon Pinpoint is generally available for use in US East region.

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