ATTO Technology shipping Thunderbolt 3 to 16Gb and 32Gb Fibre Channel ThunderLink devices

Data storage company ATTO Technology launched on Thursday its ThunderLink Thunderbolt 3 connectivity devices for both 16Gb and 32Gb Fibre Channel. These new devices allow customers to take advantage of the increased bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3 with speeds of up to 2750 MB/s.

Featuring ATTO’s proprietary Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) and MultiPath Director technologies, users will continue to enjoy smooth data streaming and failover and load balancing features experienced with previous generations of ThunderLink devices.

The new Fibre Channel ThunderLink devices offer SFP+ modules are included and have been tested for interoperability; simple configuration tool to manage and monitor Thunderbolt products and ATTO HBAs from a single pane of glass; and compatibility with the latest Mac and Windows platforms.

From capture and ingest to backup and archiving, ATTO’s Thunderbolt 3 to Fibre Channel ThunderLink devices allow the creation of fully redundant connectivity solutions that can take advantage of both Thunderbolt 3 and 16Gb and 32Gb Fibre Channel.

he introduction of ATTO’s 3322 Thunderbolt 3 to 32Gb Fibre Channel device and 3162 Thunderbolt 3 to 16Gb Fibre Channel device also enables users to future-proof their infrastructures, taking full advantage of 4K workflows while also benefitting from the latest generation of Fibre Channel connectivity.

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