PTC adopts CloudVelox to boost hybrid cloud adoption and data center consolidation

Cloud automation and orchestration software company CloudVelox announced Wednesday that PTC has adopted its One Hybrid Cloud software as the company plans to migrate more than one thousand servers to Amazon Web Services, which will result in a cost savings of more than 90 percent as the global organization consolidates existing data centers.

One Hybrid Cloud uses an Automated Application Blueprint-based approach to the provisioning of critical storage, security and network processes on AWS. It is a single solution for cloud migration, cloud recovery and cloud dev/test, featuring a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows IT to leverage cloud services without having to understand the complexity of cloud.

Using One Hybrid Cloud, PTC expects to shorten the process of migrating more than one thousand servers, compared to doing so manually or using a VM migration tool. As a result of using CloudVelox’s automated solution, the company will be able to execute its data center consolidation strategy more quickly. CloudVelox’s software will help enable PTC to overcome common migration obstacles such as speed, efficiency, security, and network configurations.

“CloudVelox enables us to reduce the time required to consolidate global data centers and allows us to improve the process through its unique features,” said Eugene Von Taube, senior director of Information Technology at PTC. “During the short proof of concept (PoC) process, we were impressed by the immense flexibility of One Hybrid Cloud, which allowed us to do network customization and assign security groups all through automation. This made it easy to validate our application characteristics and determine how they would map into the AWS cloud.”

“CloudVelox enables us to achieve our business objectives far more quickly than we expected,” said Von Taube. “The CloudVelox approach enables us to easily tackle a very complex network and to address many issues that could hold us up.”

One Hybrid Cloud offers cloud automation and orchestration software platform for the enterprise, allowing even the largest, most complex data centers to migrate to any cloud easier than ever before. It extends AWS’ security seamlessly to enterprise data stored on-premises and gives customers the ability to run their existing and new Linux and Windows multi-tier and multi-system apps without modification on the AWS Cloud.

CloudVelox extends traditional enterprise security practices from the data center to the cloud. By utilizing CloudVelox’s ability to authenticate users from LDAP servers running in customer data center, customers can assert control over appropriate resource access in the cloud

Communications between customer data centers and Amazon’s cloud are encrypted – via SSH tunnel, or https. In some instances, customers might prefer an IPSec VPN approach to an AWS VPC. In that case, communication is over SSH or https with traffic never going over the Internet. Data volumes (at rest) in the cloud are encrypted.

Applications can be launched in AWS in individual VPC’s or multiple applications running in a customer data center can be launched in a single VPC. Either way, Network Access Control Lists (firewall for controlling traffic in and out of a subnet) and Security Groups (a virtual firewall for instances to control inbound and outbound traffic) can be leveraged further to customize the flow of traffic.

“One Hybrid Cloud software automates and simplifies dozens of complex manual cloud migration processes, eliminating the complexities and delays that can be a substantial barrier to cloud adoption,” said James Kessinger, chief marketing officer at CloudVelox. “The unprecedented breadth of automation reduces cloud migration times and risks, and can reduce expenses by more than 90 percent for multi-tier apps. The cloud then becomes an ideal disaster recovery and Dev/Test option for both enterprise apps and mission-critical workloads.”

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