New Hive-IO release adds software-defined NAS for VDI, virtual servers, Hadoop environments

Software-defined infrastructure company Hive-IO announced Thursday its latest release, version 6.9 that provides a software-define Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, which includes deduplication, compression and caching that runs on existing data center infrastructure or commodity hardware.

By harnessing the power of faster and cheaper processing in the software layer, Hive-IO eliminates the inefficiencies of SAN and NAS hardware, while providing superior storage performance at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. With Hive-IO, IT organizations utilize enterprise data services for orchestration, management and monitoring of the environment enabling true agility in maximizing the application of IT resources.

Hive-IO is a complete solution that includes, VDI, virtualized servers, infrastructure, storage, and security with built-in and interoperable provisioning, lifecycle management, guest and host security and remote management capabilities. Hive-IO delivers the entire stack required for a cloud compute service in one cohesive environment. The Hive-IO platform is fully compatible with on-premises data center, and includes infrastructure, disaster recovery, and various applications as service offerings.

Hive IO offers a unified architecture that runs off a bare metal install; eliminates 30 percent of the typical hardware requirements with hyper-converged equipment; and removes vendor layer complexity. With Hive-IO, IT organizations ensure that their storage systems have targeted availability levels that adapt with resilience based on the importance of the data or system, which in turn, lowers the cost of business continuity. The latest release of Hive-IO offers new innovations to simplify management of storage across the data center.

“Today’s storage demands include superior performance, low latency, and durability,” explained Kevin McNamara, CTO and co-founder, Hive-IO.  “Hive-IO utilizes software-defined NAS technology which provides deduplication, compression, and caching before being written to the wire in your infrastructure. Companies can deploy our high performance storage at a lower cost and with less power than existing solutions while leveraging their current infrastructure.”

Hive-IO offers a complete hyperconverged software solution that reduces storage needs, removes vendor sprawl and provides unparalleled security. Hive-IO can be delivered on-premise or from a services provider. Management of the platform can be done in-house or can be sourced externally to Hive-IO certified partners.

“Hive-IO, the fastest-growing company in the hyperconverged infrastructure market,” concluded Makoid. “The advanced features and performance in the Hive-IO Utility Fabric and extremely low cost allow our customers to utilize the full breadth of our industry-leading technology in the most optimum way.”

“Hive-IO supports hybrid storage infrastructures as well as modern hyperconverged storage systems,” commented John Gallagher, Director of Business Development, H.A. Services. “This combination enables us to leverage our existing storage products initially and then migrate to a new storage platform at a controlled pace, to minimize our initial costs, avoid disruption for customers and maintain our high-quality user experience.”

“Infrastructure initiatives have gained a reputation for being costly, time-consuming, difficult to architect, and, worst of all, prone to failure,” noted Joe Makoid, CEO and co-founder, Hive-IO. “With our software-defined storage solutions, many of the common pain points are alleviated, while giving business owners confidence that their end-users will experience superior performance.”

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