Global Governance Software launches end-to-end board intelligence and data analytics technology

Global Governance Software (GGS) announced global release of its newly enhanced Stakeholder Capital Management (SCM) platform. GGS is excited to equip boards with project collaboration tools and secure data storage of board materials, providing in-platform data analytics such as shareholder capital management and engagement tools, board effectiveness assessments and on-demand executive compensation and pay for performance analysis.

With the latest edition of software capabilities, GGS has developed the first, complete end-to-end board intelligence technology for the corporate governance industry. GGS’ secure, SaaS-based SCM automates a suite of corporate governance functions facing boards today, and adds more insight and analytics than any other solution globally.

The boardroom features of the SCM platform include online board meetings and document management tools; online minute taking and instant reporting; real-time voting of motions and proposals; e-signature requests and meeting sign-off; and board effectiveness questionnaires and reporting, while the enterprise benefits of the SCM platform include cloud based board-books; user friendly administration; multi-user functionality; security and on-call product support; and scalable, cost-efficient board modules.

The GGS team brings over 20 years of experience in the corporate governance technology space, and is led by Jeffry Powell, an industry veteran and former executive vice president and director of sales at board portal provider, Diligent Corporation. The SCM platform integrates the Global Governance Advisors (GGA), Global Governance’s team of independent consultants with decades of experience advising boards around the world.

Together, the SCM platform, comprising emPowerBoardsemPowerIR and emPowerHCM was built to simplify the process of board evaluations, shareholder and investor communications and executive pay and performance analysis, to help Boards, Corporate Secretaries, Investor Relations professionals and HR heads quickly respond and adapt to forces impacting their business without the need for separate tools or technical expertise.

“In today’s increasingly complex business environment, organizations must deal with a myriad of issues impacting their market competitiveness, while maintaining the trust and confidence of their stakeholders,” noted Tyson Rose, Chief Business Development Officer, GGS.

“Our SCM platform is the only board intelligence technology specifically designed to deliver vital governance-related information through a collaborative, analytic and interactive platform. Boards now have a solution that allows them to make more informed corporate governance decisions than ever before and take action in real-time.” said Jeffry Powell, CEO, GGS.

SCM incorporates GGS’ suite of SaaS governance solutions, including emPowerBoards™ – a revolutionary concept in governance technology that goes far beyond the static board portals offered today. The platform’s dynamic and interactive dashboard is built to streamline board meetings by automating traditionally time-intensive functions and facilitate greater collaboration among board members – not just on a quarterly basis, but whenever the need arises.


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