New IBM Netcool Operations Insight capability will now deliver and manage applications across hybrid cloud networks

IBM launched a new offering designed to help companies manage applications and services across a hybrid cloud environment by gaining real-time visual insights on the performance of supporting infrastructure.

The new Agile Service Manager for IBM Netcool Operations Insight will help companies in industries rapidly moving applications to the cloud — such as telecommunications and financial services — better monitor changes in their underlying systems so they can avoid customer service disruption. It’s among the only offerings in the IT industry to provide a detailed topology of infrastructure across a broad set of domains, including different public clouds and on-premises systems, with both real-time updates and historical views.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight enables IT and network operations teams to increase effectiveness, efficiency and reliability by leveraging cognitive analytics capabilities to identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business. It provides a consolidated view across local, cloud and hybrid environments and delivers actionable insight into the health and performance of services, and their associated dynamic network and IT infrastructures.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight is an analytics-driven operations center providing cross domain, correlation, enrichment and consolidation of millions of alerts/alarms and operational data into a single operational view. IBM Netcool Operations Insight empowers operations teams through real-time and historical analytics that can help identify, isolate and resolve problems before they affect business operations.

Designed to collect, correlate and consolidate millions of events and alarms from on-and off-premise environments, Netcool Operations Insight offers a central point to view events, topology, availability, and performance and configuration data. This puts the most critical information—such as availability status, worst-case key performance scenarios, in-context events and configuration change details—front and center.

Powered by IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus and the transformative capabilities of cognitive analytics, Netcool Operations Insight can help boost operational effectiveness, efficiency and reliability by accelerating the operations management lifecycle.

Through built-in expertise gained from decades of experience, Netcool Operations Insight can help improve the time it takes to detect problem events, remove irrelevant noise or events and consolidate events into actionable insights. With this information, Netcool Operations Insight can help IT staff analyze and prioritize events based on their impact, delegate them to the right subject matter expert or automate and fix when possible.

By having this view of virtual and physical resources, companies can now better manage applications and services deployed across highly distributed and increasingly complex hybrid cloud networks. Agile Service Manager also can help companies prevent and resolve problems by providing context about the resources that underpin a hybrid cloud network. This is especially important for companies where applications put significant demands on network resources while requiring continuous uptime to meet customer expectations.

For example, a communications service provider could use IBM Netcool Operations Insight with Agile Service Manager to support launching and scaling a new, cloud-based video conferencing service. As the company expands use of the conferencing service, Agile Service Manager could provide real-time insights about the infrastructure supporting the new service, such as response time of specific servers and capacity of storage, letting the company know if these assets are meeting customer needs.

Companies can use Agile Service Manager to present a configurable topology view that shows the relationships and states of resources both in real time and within a defined time window. Agile Service Manager extends the capabilities of IBM Netcool Operations Insight, an analytics driven software that helps organizations gain actionable insights from the massive amounts of operational data generated from their hybrid cloud environments.

“In today’s fast-changing marketplace, companies are under increasing pressure to roll out new and enhanced applications for customers,” said Denis Kennelly, general manager of IBM Hybrid Cloud. “Agile Service Manager gives valuable new insights about what is going on in the network and how it is impacting service quality and customers in real time.”

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