Cavium debuts FastLinQ 41000 Series to improve networking and storage for cloud data centers

Cavium Inc. announced Tuesday FastLinQ 41000 Series, its low power, second generation of 10/25/40/50GbE NIC and the industry’s only NIC adapter with Universal RDMA, making it an advanced 10/25/40/50Gbps Ethernet NIC Family.

Currently available, the FastLinQ QL41000 line is the second generation of standards compliant 25/50GbE NICs that delivers to customers the technology choice and investment protection with support for concurrent RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP – Universal RDMA.  The FastLinQ adapters coupled with leading server and networking platforms enable enterprise data centers to optimize their infrastructure costs and increase virtual machine density by leveraging built-in technologies like concurrent SR-IOV and NIC Partitioning (NPAR) that deliver acceleration and QoS for tenant workloads and infrastructure traffic.

Additionally, the FastLinQ adapters provide full Network Function Virtualization with small packet performance with integration into DPDK and OpenStack enabling Cloud and Telcos/NFV customers to seamlessly deploy, manage and accelerate demanding artificial intelligence, big data, CDN and machine learning workloads.

Storage Acceleration and offloads like NVMe-oF, NVMe-Direct, iSCSI, iSER and FCoE built into the FastLinQ QL41000 enable seamless upgrade paths from existing storage paradigms to next generation NVMe and persistent memory semantics. Enabling zero-touch automatic speed and FEC selection, Cavium FastLinQ SmartAN technology virtually eliminates interoperability challenges in physical layer networks.

With millions of Ethernet ports shipped, and a flexible architecture that delivers faster time to market and future proofing for new and emerging technologies, FastLinQ Ethernet NICs are amongst the top choices for enterprise data centers.

Cavium SmartAN technology enables adaptive link controls for seamless zero-touch interoperability with industry wide 25/100GbE switches and cables. Extensive and robust support of a broad variety of enterprise and cloud operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMware ESXi, FreeBSD and Solaris for seamless integration for diverse application platforms across x86, ARM, SPARC and Power8 architectures. Support for UEFI Secure Boot safeguards the FastLinQ NIC and ensures no rogue drivers are being executed on start-up, preventing the injection of malware.

The network adapter comes with concurrent support for RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP. Acceleration for Network Virtualization by offloading protocol processing for VxLAN, NVGRE, GRE and GENEVE enables customers to build and scale virtualized networks without impacting network performance. Authenticated updates for NICs validate that signed firmware is correct and trusted to eliminate rogue firmware installation, reducing attack surfaces.

The concurrent full offload for NVMe-oF, NVMe-Direct, SMB Direct, iSER, iSCSI and FCoE delivers up to 3M IOPS while consuming fewer server CPU cycles, leaving headroom for virtual applications and higher ROI on server investments with seamless upgrade paths of next gen storage connectivity. Its small packet performance, with line rate packet per second for 10/25Gbps Ethernet, MPLSoUDP offload, and integration with DPDK and OpenStack with Mirantis FUEL Plug-in, enables Telco’s and NFV application vendors to seamlessly deploy, manage and accelerate demanding NFV workloads.

Leveraging over a decade of networking technology expertise, the cost and power optimized FastLinQ 41000 Series deliver advanced networking for cloud and telecommunications architectures. FastLinQ 41000 Series NICs are available immediately from Cavium, and will soon be available from tier-1 OEMs and ODMs worldwide in standard, mezzanine, LOM and OCP form factors.

Data centers are expanding at a rapid pace as is the virtualization and container density for compute, driving the need for higher bandwidth between the server and switches. 25GbE, a new standard in networking, leverages the maximum potential of Multi-core processors, NVMe flash storage and cloud architectures to deliver 2.5 times the performance, reducing the power and cost per gigabit significantly.

Although the cost, power and performance benefits of 25Gbps Ethernet technology are undisputed, enterprise and cloud data centers investing in 25GbE also require a flexible and highly interoperable solution. This can be a challenge considering the mix of pre-standard and standard-based 25GbE products in the market. In addition, the recent spurs in malware-led intrusion and data theft are driving private and public cloud networks to ensure that only trusted and validated software components get deployed.

Enterprise and cloud data centers also have differing requirements driven by infrastructure and application workloads for latency and congestion management, so flexibility of the networking solution is key. Cavium FastLinQ 41000 Series family effectively addresses these challenges while delivering a flexible and future proof networking solution.

“Cavium FastLinQ 41000 Series of network adapters address the demanding needs of the next-generation agile data center by providing a flexible and future-proof solution,” said Shane Rau, Research Vice President, Computing Semiconductors of IDC. “With a compelling set of offloads for both server and storage applications, along with a flexible architecture, these second-generation 25GbE NICs from Cavium are well poised to ride the wave of networking interconnects.”

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