Bloombase data-at-rest encryption offering now interoperable with ATTO Celerity 16Gb Fibre Channel HBA, FastFrame 10Gb Ethernet adapters

Bloombase and ATTO Technology announced Monday mutual certification of Bloombase StoreSafe data-at-rest encryption solution with ATTO Celerity 16Gb Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) and FastFrame 10Gb Ethernet network interface cards (NICs). The interoperable solution addresses enterprise data leakage and exfiltration vulnerabilities and helps organizations meet stringent confidentiality and regulatory compliance mandates by locking down their crown-jewels managed in storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS).

ATTO offers businesses a range of storage infrastructure and connectivity solutions. ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs are engineered with the latest technology to deliver industry-leading performance. With distinctive latency-management features such as Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) built-in, Celerity HBAs provide faster and more efficient data transfers for the most demanding storage applications.

ATTO FastFrame is an easy-to-use, comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet products designed to provide high-performance connectivity while minimizing utilization of both power and CPU cycles.

Bloombase’s StoreSafe helps to safeguard data with industry-standard cryptography to protect against outbound data and exfiltration threats. It is a complete turnkey, data-at-rest encryption security solution. It is designed to secure physical or virtual datacenter and cloud infrastructures, offering seamless protection in either on-premises or off-premises deployments. This ensures that data encryption security is preserved as operational needs evolve.

StoreSafe is a high-performance data encryption solution that secures virtually all types of enterprise data, whether structured or unstructured, and supports heterogeneous storage environments. StoreSafe is deployed as a “drop-in” software appliance proxy, requires zero operational changes and does not impact user workflows.

Ease of deployment and integration is another key concern for organizations. This joint solution with ATTO unlocks access to the combination of Bloombase’s StoreSafe encryption security software with ATTO’s high speed storage network connectivity products.

Combining ATTO Celerity 16Gb Fibre Channel HBAs and FastFrame 10GbE NICs, customers can leverage the Bloombase StoreSafe unified storage encryption solution to achieve privacy and protection of their business-sensitive information. Whether that data is stored on a SAN or NAS over industry standard network storage protocols including FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, HTTP and REST, with the ATTO and Bloombase solution, it can be deployed easily and securely.

The phenomenal rise in the accessibility of digital data has swept across the business landscape and has created today’s pervasive, data-driven business operations. It has become a race for enterprises to simultaneously satisfy the insatiable desire for instant secure access to business intelligence, process the massive amounts of data generated, automate processes and minimize risks, whilst gaining maximum returns.

Organizations and enterprises alike are pushed to innovate and adapt, while preserving data privacy and trust. At the same time, a paradigm shift has occurred in the way data is managed. Increasingly, businesses are consolidating their services from decentralized server silos, to virtual datacenters and hyperconverged infrastructures in order to gain economical and scale advantages. This complicates the issue of data protection and security as mission-critical data are consolidated and stored on high-speed, low-latency, scale-out network storage systems. Protection of data by upholding infrastructure openness, platform neutrality, deployment transparency, time-to-market, has become a critical operational concern.

“We understand how challenging the market is today for organizations and enterprises. We want to make sure that customers have access to the highest levels of security by making it easier for them to build security solutions around products from vendors they trust and are familiar with,” said Sean Xiang, Bloombase CEO. He continues, “Partnering with ATTO allows for interoperability and through this, customers gain a powerful plug-in solution from two of the industry’s leading vendors.”

“Data security is critical in today’s rapidly expanding array-to-cloud environment,” said Tim Klein, founder and CEO at ATTO Technology. “By pairing our fibre channel HBAs and Ethernet network interface cards with Bloombase’s industry leading security software,” says Klein, “IT professionals can meet their stringent Quality-of-Service (QoS) demands across today’s virtual datacenter-to-hyperconverged infrastructures.”

Earlier this year, ATTO Technology announced that its 16Gb Gen 5 and Gen 6 Celerity Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) have been certified with the Nexenta NexentaStor storage system. The certification of ATTO’s Celerity HBAs means users can select that component when installing Nexenta’s software and it will easily configure without the need for additional technical support or assistance. By selecting ATTO’s HBAs, users can take advantage of Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology for latency management, a feature of all Celerity HBAs, designed to keep data moving smoothly, in order and without delays.


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