IBM debuts Elastic Storage Server that combines all-flash and storage software optimized for Hortonworks

IBM announced Tuesday a new all-flash, high-performance data and file management solution for enterprise clients running exabyte-scale big data analytics, cognitive and AI applications. The combined flash and storage software solution has been certified with the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to provide clients with more choice in selecting the right platform for their big data analytics on data processing engines like Hadoop and Spark.

The IBM Spectrum Scale storage software combines data from silos across the enterprise into a single view in order to run analytics on Hadoop and Spark. Through unifying file, object and Hadoop HDFS data storage, IBM ESS with IBM Spectrum Scale combines to shorten time to results while contributing to reducing storage capacity requirements by more than 55 percent for Hadoop and Spark workload data.

Beyond performance and economic benefits, the solution provides user data with essential features such as redundant data paths, distributed erasure coding and end-to-end checksums. Based upon millions of hours of current production systems, reported over the past two years the IBM ESS design has delivered five nines of availability against unscheduled downtime.

The IBM All-Flash Elastic Storage Server (ESS), powered by IBM Spectrum Scale exabyte-scale software defined storage, increases data throughput by 60 percent over previous solutions. Performance improvements produce a storage solution to run complex applications from machine and deep learning clusters to image recognition of cancer cells.

IBM Elastic Storage Server is a modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining IBM Spectrum Scale software with IBM POWER8 processor-based I/O-intensive servers and dual-ported storage enclosures.

IBM Spectrum Scale is the parallel file system at the heart of IBM ESS. IBM Spectrum Scale scales system throughput as it grows while still providing a single namespace. This eliminates data silos, simplifies storage management and delivers high performance. By consolidating storage requirements across the organization onto IBM ESS, users can reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs and support demanding workloads.

IBM All-Flash ESS represents a new generation of data and file management. To help clients more effectively manage their hot and cold data. IBM ESS with IBM Spectrum Scale, an exabyte-scale software defined storage solution, supports a wide variety of network protocols while providing clients the elasticity to transparently tier data across flash, disk, tape and cloud storage systems.

With all IBM ESS and IBM Spectrum Scale models certified on Hortonworks, we fulfill a commitment to deliver higher exabyte scale storage densities and related performance throughput required for programs like IBM’s support for the Department of Energy CORAL project. IBM ESS integration with IBM Spectrum Scale, which is being developed to support anticipated NVMe-based storage solutions from IBM, sets the stage for increased proficiency in managing throughput of Big Data analytics workloads.

“We’re seeing an increasing appetite on the part of clients to unlock value within their own business data where competitive advantage can be found but too often they face challenges that inhibit ready access to this information,” said Ed Walsh, general manager, IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure. “IBM ESS with Spectrum Scale has been developed to make data available by reducing obstacles that prevent users from quickly accessing and processing the growing oceans of differing data types stored within their disparate, isolated storage systems.”

IBM will be taking orders on the new IBM All-Flash Elastic Storage Server (ESS) with the solution will be generally available next month.

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