IOpipe launches IOpipe 1.0, its initial application operations platform for serverless applications

IOpipe announced Monday IOpipe 1.0, its initial application operations platform purpose built for serverless applications. IOpipe enables developers to write code faster while giving operators peace of mind when running serverless applications in production. This works at scale; early customers using IOpipe have already processed over a billion events.

Serverless computing enables developers to focus on the creation of applications rather than the infrastructure they run on – but this can lead to performance issues as applications get more complex and rely on third party services.

IOpipe provides real-time telemetry, tracing, profiling, alerts, logs and errors across all their functions allowing developers to move quickly to develop, debug and ship their serverless code. It also provides the capability to debug applications across development, staging, and production environments is table stakes for any developer platform.

By providing developers and operators the ability to debug applications across dev, staging and production environments, IOpipe provides a much needed service for this new paradigm in computing.

Investors Madrona Venture Group, NEA, Underscore VC, and others funded a $2.5 million seed round to enable the team to fuel product and customer growth. IOpipe also achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier status within the AWS Partner Network (APN).

“The cloud native generation of developers is changing how applications are built, deployed and run. This new approach requires a new set of tools and that is what we have built with IOpipe,” said Adam Johnson, co-founder and CEO of IOpipe. “By working with AWS, we enable developers to look deeply inside AWS Lambda functions to analyze what is working and what is slowing you down.”

“Serverless computing is enabling companies to get new applications to market faster with significantly lower infrastructure costs. Since AWS Lambda eliminates server management, developers can focus on writing code and developing new features. With IOpipe, it’s now even easier for serverless application developers to monitor and troubleshoot their AWS Lambda functions,” said Tim Wagner, general manager for AWS Serverless Compute at Amazon Web Services.

“We have seen an explosion of cloud native awareness from IT groups in the largest companies to startups and it’s clear that this is the next wave of application development. The team at IOpipe has built a much needed toolset that customers love and we are excited to back Adam, Erica and their team,” said Matt McIlwain, managing director, Madrona Venture Group.

“Often people get confused about serverless computing – it’s not about not having servers. Serverless is about not worrying about the servers so you can focus on the more important things,” said Erica Windisch, co-founder and CTO, IOpipe. “It’s gratifying to see the way our customers can quickly roll out new applications and know they will operate at scale when they use IOpipe.”

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