Tegile debuts IntelliFlash N Series all-NVMe storage line to deliver enterprise functionality

Tegile Systems, vendor of persistent memory storage solutions for databases, virtualized and containerized environments, announced Monday its N Series line of unified, all-flash storage arrays, which has designed to exponentially accelerate enterprise applications by incorporating the latest generation of solid state media with NVMe technology into Tegile’s portfolio of IntelliFlash storage systems.

The N Series line of all-flash storage arrays delivers a powerful combination of high performance and dense capacity, with a full breadth of data management services. The all-NVMe, dual-controller system has 24 NVMe NAND flash SSDs in a 2U footprint capable of delivering up to 3M IOPS with consistent 200 microsecond latency.

As a result, businesses can accelerate enterprise applications tenfold while significantly consolidating their transaction processing, analytics, databases, virtualization, and file services onto a single platform.

“With the introduction of NVMe to the market, the next major battle in the enterprise storage market will be fought in the realm of persistent memory storage. This is great news for enterprises, who will see a massive uptick of innovation that ultimately helps them do business better and faster,” said Rohit Kshetrapal, CEO of Tegile. “Tegile is the only company that offers NVMe-based all-flash arrays, with a full suite of data management services across both block and file interfaces. This means companies can accelerate a wide range of applications today and leapfrog their competition.”

The NVMe market is expected to be valued at over $57 billion by 2020. This is largely driven by the increased pressure that today’s businesses face for speed and performance. NVMe is poised to help companies achieve the full performance benefits of their flash storage arrays. According to Gartner, “I&O leaders focused on modernizing infrastructure for performance-sensitive workloads should initiate NVMe-based deployments by selecting business-critical applications that can take advantage of dramatic improvements in performance – addressing input/output operations per second, bandwidth and latency.”

“We are seeing enterprise buyers prioritize initiatives to future-proof their infrastructure with storage technology capable of accelerating both their current and next-generation applications,” said Ulrich Hansen, Vice President of Enterprise SSD marketing for Western Digital. “Powered by HGST Ultrastar NVMe SSDs, Tegile’s N Series system offers customers a scalable platform of high performance storage based on Western Digital’s NAND flash technology.”

The Tegile IntellFlash N Series will be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year through the company’s global channel partner network.

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