HPE set to acquire Cloud Technology Partners to improve competence in cloud consulting services

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced on Tuesday its intention to acquire Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), a born-in-the-cloud services company with strong enterprise experience and DNA.

CTP helps IT organizations move to the cloud by helping them determine which applications are optimal for both public and private clouds, executing the migrations, while helping them transform their organizations for the future. It also helps its clients build new and disruptive solutions using technologies like IoT, big data and machine learning.

With its Managed Cloud Controls (suite of next generation managed services), CTP helps its clients achieve governance, risk and regulatory compliance on day 1, while automating the reconciliation of actual cloud spend back to the projected TCO savings in the original business case and optimize spend.   

Businesses operate in a hybrid IT environment, achieving business outcomes requires putting each workload in the appropriate environment, whether it’s in an on-premises data center, in a private cloud, on public clouds or offered as a SaaS application. This environment is different for every organization, dynamically changing with their business needs and workload requirements.

HPE expects most enterprises to operate in this hybrid IT environment for the foreseeable future.

HPE Pointnext is an IT services organization built to make Hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge. One of its core capabilities is helping customers evaluate their IT strategy, determine the right environment for each workload, and then execute their transition to a cloud environment (or multiple clouds), an on-premises data center, or more likely, a mix of the two.

CTP’s consulting, design and operational advisory services for cloud environments will strengthen our Hybrid IT consulting expertise in a fast growing market. Spending on the Hybrid IT Consulting and Cloud Native Development segments is approximately $6 billion today, growing at over 18 percent.

Together, the two companies will be even better positioned to capitalize on this market trend. The CTP team has built customer momentum, and will be able to accelerate that momentum by leveraging HPE’s global brand and go-to-market.

More and more, customers are seeking a trusted advisor who knows where the market is going, and can shape their long-term roadmap and provide the solutions that will allow them to keep pace in this digital world.

Together with CTP, HPE will provide customers with the ability to build new digital experiences, manage and forecast IT costs, and ensure the applications running their business stay secure. All while optimizing their environment so they can free up resources to grow, innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

In July, CTP announced that it has launched Cloud Kickstart for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a fixed-time, fixed-price offering that enables clients to safely and quickly leverage the power of AWS across their organization.

Cloud Kickstart for AWS enables the team to start leveraging a secure cloud environment and gain instant awareness of the transformative power of the cloud within the organization. Reducing time to cloud from up to a year to six weeks, Cloud Kickstart for AWS provides an enterprise-grade AWS environment with all of the essential automation, security, governance, and compliance controls in place.

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