Mesosphere joins with Portworx to accelerate production deployments of DC/OS in enterprises

Portworx, provider of production-focused container data services for DevOps, announced on Wednesday its collaboration with Mesosphere to support customers running big data applications in production on Mesosphere DC/OS with Portworx PX-Enterprise.

Portworx is the initial Mesosphere partner to offer external persistent volume support in DC/OS frameworks for Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch and Hadoop. These frameworks enable Mesosphere to support additional enterprise-class workloads in production environments, accelerating overall Mesosphere deployments. 

In addition to these frameworks for stateful applications, Mesosphere and Portworx have collaborated on a Reference Architecture designed to help enterprises deploy scalable, performant, data-rich applications in production.

Portworx is the solution for running stateful containers in production, designed with DevOps in mind. With Portworx, users can manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler, including Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, and Docker Swarm. Portworx solves the five most common problems DevOps teams encounter when running stateful services in production: persistence, high availability, data automation, security and support for multiple data stores and infrastructure.

Portworx is ideally suited for solution verticals such as databases, messaging queues, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD), big data and content management.

When it comes to running stateful applications in production, care must be taken to ensure persistence, high availability and security on any data service or infrastructure in a completely automated way. Portworx can scale up to 1000 nodes per cluster and is used in production by DC/OS customers in healthcare, global manufacturing, telecom and federal agencies to provide the operational and data management solutions enterprises require to run mission critical data services in production with confidence.

“Enterprise applications are inherently stateful, which is why Mesosphere has invested so heavily to make DC/OS the best place to run containerized microservices and big data services together in production,” said William Freiberg, COO, Mesosphere. “We have heard from our customers that Portworx makes it even easier to leverage data services by adding a rich volume management capability to provisioning and operational workflows. We are excited to see these two technologies come together seamlessly.”

“Joint Mesosphere and Portworx customers are some of the most sophisticated enterprise IT organizations and container users today, which means they have extremely high standards for reliability, performance, and scale,” said Eric Han, VP of Product Management, Portworx. “The Mesosphere and Portworx partnership will enable more customers to run mission-critical data services on DC/OS, which will accelerate the deployment of containers in production and allow more enterprises to become truly cloud native. We’re proud to be included in the Mesosphere Service Catalog.”


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