PacketLight debuts PL-2000DC offering 1.6T DCI capacity fiber networking offering for cloud applications

PacketLight Networks, provider of DWDM and optical fiber networking solutions, announced this week the launch of the PL-2000DC 1U platform, designed for high capacity data center interconnect (DCI), metro and long haul networks. The product meets capacity demands of up to 16 x 100G LAN and OTU4, and provides market leading modularity with four 400G pluggable drawers and optic modules, delivering up to 1.6T in a 1U chassis.

The PL-2000DC is a dynamic solution that delivers performance monitoring for both the line optical transport layer (OTN) and 100G LAN/OTU4 service interfaces. The optical interfaces and services are, interoperable with all third party switches and routers in order to give enterprises maximum ability to grow their infrastructure in a vendor-agnostic environment.

The PL-2000DC is compact and has low power consumption to meet the market demands for reduced capital expenditure and operating expenditure.

PacketLight provides the entire optical layer transport solution within a highly integrated compact platform, designed for high capacity, maximum flexibility, easy maintenance and operation, with real pay-as-you-grow architecture, while maintaining a high level of reliability and low cost.

“Increasing data transport capacity between data centers is a critical need in many enterprises to support the growing demand for data that must be transmitted at every moment, including video, emerging Internet of Things and other high bandwidth-demanding applications,” says Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight. “The PL-2000DC provides 200G capacity per wavelength over a single fiber, capable of increasing fiber capacity up to 19.2T, supporting the surge in demand we are experiencing, and is entirely scalable to allow for pay-as-you-grow architecture.”

“PacketLight’s technology is designed for future growth of enterprises’ data and will support 400G/600G capacity per wavelength, and up to 2.4T in 2018,” Reshef continues. “We also ensure our DWDM and OTN solutions work with almost every existing infrastructure and third party switches and routers.”


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